Its high time Financial Industry must take the help of Digital Marketing

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Digital transformations are changing the industry in innumerable ways. Don’t trust us? Read ahead.

  •  According to Boston Consulting Group, four out of five financial institutions believes that digital will fundamentally change the industry and change its competitive landscape.
  •  According to Deloitte’s research, 90% of people agree that digital technologies are disrupting the industry.

Digital Transformation is not just about providing online services and mobile functionality. It is a host of benefits which include

  •  Digitalization of the business operations
  •  Better Resource Management
  •  Cost-Saving at Multiple points
  •  Greater consumer/customer insights
  •  Better consumer experience
  •  Positive brand building
  •  Opens door to Globalization, and many more….

There are multiple types of financial institutions that work in our country like Banks (Public and private), Financial advisories, Mutual Fund companies, NBFC’s and even insurance companies. There is no single domain where digital cannot help the company; from operations to brand value.

While you might be wondering we can and are working traditionally and doing fine, look out digitally and see how everyone is out in the race. You will realize that you are lacking behind. This will affect your business in the long run as now, people do not see distance but value trust and services.

Today, we will cover a few of the financial institutions and how it can build a better reputation with digitization.

  • Banking Industry

“We have an app, internet banking, and everything. We have updated ourselves” Well, we are glad you realized the need and did everything possible but, there are many other things that a digital agency can help you with.

  • Brand Building

Now, people trust what they see, hear and know. Tables have turned and banks now need to be connected with consumers 24*7 literally. How you connect and engage online brings in a positive brand image. Your visibility can increase and you will have more customers. Be it website, brochures, reports or documents, everything adds value to your brand. Also, never forget the power of positive PR.

  • Customer Service

The customer is king and we all know it! If you have an engaging online presence, you connect with them better and will have greater retention. You will stay in their minds and gain their trust. Also, you will be able to provide them with better services and information. While the process is traditional, you can serve them with information about loans, processes, and documents online. Also, having some basic formalities done online saves time. Better Service= Greater Value.

  • Lower Costs

The cost of digital transformations is comparatively less than traditional marketing. While we are not saying do not do that, we are saying include digital marketing too. Get leads at a lower cost and well that is all every business want.

  • Advisory

financial consultation

You might be an organization or an individual providing financial consultation but if you are not using digital platforms, you got to worry! We say this because now consultation isn’t space limited. You can provide support from any corner of the world. Why not use digital growth?

  • Quality Leads

With the right lead generation campaign, you can have better quality leads at lower costs. The costs on digital platforms are measurable and thus you can market yourself as per your budgets. Also, you will get people who are truly seeking a service like yours and well, happy customers!

  • Better Reach

Digital presence helps you build a global presence and with that, you open new doors to your business. Not only that, online work in terms of utilizing platforms like LinkedIn and website management, but you can also do wonders for your business. Say hello to the best digital agency and they will get the work done! From amazing content to the best results, they will provide your business with everything.

P.S. They can even help you in app development for your business!

  • Mutual Fund Companies and Insurance Companies

Mutual Fund Companies and Insurance Companies

While one is an investment-related domain and the other is service, both of them work for customers. One aids them with better investments and others with saving during the crisis.

Both of them, even while working on the traditional method should move towards the digital journey.

  • Online Data Sharing

Convincing consumers is a difficult task and requires face to face interactions but sharing information with them should be easy. Well, having the right online drive will help you build better data-sharing platforms. You can share information related to your schemes, basic guidelines, and whatnot. When consumers have easy data access, you gain trust. Trust and visibility are what give growth to your business.

  • Better Online Presence

Your domain needs to be everywhere. When a prospective client searches you should be there as an option in their results. Welcome the best digital agency that gives you services like website development and management, SEO, PPC and what not to get on top so that you get the lead. A better online presence helps in perception shift, builds trusts and helps you flourish.

Digital Transformation adds fuel to the fire. They give a better return on investment and is not a liability. While the world is changing, your business too should be ready to fight everything that comes in its way and establish itself as one of the best in the market. Digital reforms in each and every sector provide an impetus to the growth of the industry.

We the Orionators are a digital marketing company based in Udaipur. We excel at what we do and our services range from website development and management to Branding of your organization. Sit at peace while we work at your business’s digital journey and let your business achieve global recognition.