Key takeaways from the master digital marketing of IKEA

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Each day a lot of businesses get opened, some grow big with time, and some simply vanish. There are a few in the world which have worked wonders to create a dent in the world. IKEA is one of the biggest brands, which has become a favoured furniture brand for an impressively wide customer base. The consumer array is wide – from singles getting their first flat to people who are in their 60s and simply wish to relax on a rocking chair.

Quality products, affordable prices and do-it-yourself features are not the only points that add to the popularity of IKEA. It’s a digital world, and digital marketing services have contributed too much to its success. Today this blog will be talking about the best practices that could be adopted by brands to grow big.

Get attention through great content.

Videos catch fire are like no other format of content, and IKEA took this tip very seriously. That said, the IKEA-sponsored comedic series “Easy to Assemble” featuring talented celebrities like Illeana Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch and others.

This innovative content marketing did not revolve around the main product, which is furniture, but the IKEA branding was the talk of the town. This could be a key take away from IKEA – you could indulge in engaging content marketing services and not just hover around the main product or service. Let your target consumers enjoy some quality, original content and let your brand get all the praise for the same.

 Get attention through great content.

A creative and consistent brand theme

From the Swedish national colours emblazoned on its buildings to the sensational meatballs served in its store cafeterias, IKEA sports its cultural heritage proudly. 

Unique, creative and living your brand’s belief – This time of branding services can set you apart and on top in your industry. 

Make sure to research your industry thoroughly and notice which elements are being neglected that are attractive to the audience. For instance, humour and furniture have got nothing with each other, but IKEA knew that humour is important in the lives of people. 

Hence infuse all elements of your identity with a strong sense of self-assuredness in your branding.

Take augment reality seriously.

If your brand too belongs to an industry where aesthetics matter, augment reality is for you. IKEA has made sure that no longer the target audience has to imagine how a piece of furniture would look at a space. Now you can see it.

The IKEA Place app uses augmented reality (AR) to give customers a realistic view of how items will fit into their living space.

Take these tips and ensure that you to get such mobile application development services that can annex such features to your brand.

mobile application development services

Don’t underestimate the power of designs and images.

IKEA’s classic catalogues have been appreciated time and again. Aesthetically placing each product in order to inspire the viewer to buy it is magic which this brand can create. Even inside IKEA stores, customers cannot stop fascinating how a product will look at their space.  

Design services hence have to be taken seriously by your brand too so that you know that you are enticing the TG. Designs can be a catalyst to connect you with consumers mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

Influencers marketing services do work.

Influencer marketing has been the base of the lifestyle industry in today’s times. IKEA hence has used this tool to its maximum potential. Sponsored digital marketing campaigns have their own power, but organic influencer appeal can be the perfect way to attract the attention of millennials and Gen Z.

You to take this path and make full use of social media connection and the power it has to influence people.

Get in touch with the right influencers through influencer marketing managers and entice TG.

Just like IKEA, if you to wish to be part of the biggest brands’ list, rely on the fuel of digital marketing services. These can really lit up your fire. Contact the best digital marketing agency in Udaipur now and grow big!

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