KPIs to be measured the most in 2021

Friday, February 5th, 2021

To know about our success, we all need to look back at some point of time and see where we have reached. Be it rain, be it our ideal body weight, be it our monthly income, there is some parameter we have set for the achievements and where we want to reach. In the same manner, to track how good our brand is doing, we need to measure our efforts to see if the results are in the parallel line or not.

But how do we do that? Through KPIs.

Today, this blog is dedicated to the same topic. Let’s read below and know which KPIs are to be measured the most in 2021

What are marketing KPIs?

KPIs track the behaviours and actions of a set target audience chunk. They are essential when you want to know what fruits your marketing efforts are reaping, so you can adjust and improve, track goals, and prove success.

In this case, KPIs are specific digital marketing service metrics related to your campaigns in terms of reach, engagement, and other aspects.


The best marketing KPIs your brand can track in 2021

Social media reach

No list of digital efforts would be complete these days without social media marketing services. You aren’t just increasing your followers and being active while interactive on social platforms — social media actually drives a lot of lead traffic. Therefore, it becomes crucial knowing your followers and engagement numbers across platforms is vital.

Thankfully, you have a social media marketing agency like Orionators, which is almost tailor-made to track results. You too can track the results by:

  • Monitoring built-in analytics: Most social media sites have built-in analytics for brand profiles to track follower growth easily and check on the reach, post engagement, and more.
  • Selecting the right platform: Remember that a fish is meant to swim and not ride a bicycle. Make very sure that which platform is going to fetch success for your brand. If your brand can do wonders through Facebook Marketing, going upset over the bad results of the LinkedIn profile will not do any good to you.

Organic traffic

Almost all brands wish to attract the most traffic from organic searches and not invest much in promotions. Organic traffic refers to customers who find your site on their own, thanks to its ranking and authority, and it keeps costs down since you’re not paying to promote.

To track organic traffic, you have two ways:

  • SEO: Organic traffic and SEO are linked. Do keyword research to build your content, refine, and measure.
  • Ads: While you wish that the maximum of the hunts on the internet for your products or services are organic, set aside some money for paid promotion. Paid ads place your company in audiences’ heads, which can later turn to buyers when they want products from your industry.

Customer retention

Loyalty does make much difference to your success. It’s more profitable to retain customers than to try delighting new ones all the time. Brands like Rooh Afza are an example of how old retained customers add on to the growth. Having a high rate of customer retention also proves you’re delivering quality content. 

For tracking customer retention, try these:

  • Social media ties: Annex your retention to social media measurements to get an expanded and more detailed study on your retained audience.
  • Reviews: Parameters such as customer satisfaction scores and positive reviews are all beneficial indicators of loyal customers.

Form conversion rates

Specific forms can track particular content. By having your marketing efforts link directly to specific landing pages, you can measure the rate at which these forms are seen and filled out.

For tracking form conversion rates do the following:

  • A/B testing: The smartest path to test the efficiency of content is to compare it to other content. Test two similar forms to see which one fetches more conversions.
  • Analyzing results: Simply because one of your campaign works does not mean the same will fit the next session. Tastes can change, for example, people were liking TikTok previously, and now it’s about REELS. Be ready to test and adjust continually as conversion rates fluctuate.

The long-term effect of getting your brand in front of people with digital marketing services can be significant. The point is that these campaigns, placements and the tracking needs a lot of technical research and grip. The basics can be done on your own but if you want to get to the new heights of success in 2021, make sure you get in touch with experts.

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