LinkedIn Adds New ‘Products’ Tab on Company Pages – How would these Benefit Sales?

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

The world is evolving, and so are social media platforms. LinkedIn is not just a place where you click open only when you need to find a job, or you want to hire a person for your business.

With minute technical additions and evolutions each day, now brands can make their products and services more visible, introduce their brand to the target audience, and make it easy for potential customers to shop from them- all this with LinkedIn!

Yes, with Instagram Shopping Button, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Guides, brands are apparently able to sell more and more even when the world is not functioning at its full potential in a literal physical market. Though in the world of social media marketing, sales and profits are merely rising with technological help.

There were 65,090,000 Linkedin users in India in January 2020, which accounted for 4.7% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (39 000 000). This is a HUGE population of the world using the platform. As of now, LinkedIn has announced a new ‘Products’ tab for Company Pages, which will provide a dedicated space for businesses to showcase their product offerings, and highlight key features, via their LinkedIn presence.

Today, this blog will talk about the same new feature and how it can grow sales of brands.

What exactly is Linkedin’s new ‘Products’ tab?

As explained by LinkedIn: “With Product Pages, you can spotlight product endorsements and testimonials by your users, gather ratings and reviews from current users, and generate leads with a custom call-to-action button, such as a demo request or contact sales form. In the new “Products” Tab, you can add new products you want to feature and include rich media like videos or product screenshots, descriptions and more.”

The brand new ‘Products’ tab will live within your LinkedIn Company Page and will display all titles of products offered by your brand. The tab will open to either an alphabetical listing of your products (if you have several to list) or to your single, main product page.

The new feature will be different from services or business divisions which would be featured on the particular Showcase page.

Benefits the feature hold:

LinkedIn wants to help the brands to create a trusted overview for product offerings, which links all of the submitted reviews and ads back to actual LinkedIn users and/or brand pages, making it more trustworthy and loyalty fetching.

When you step towards your Products tab, you’ll see a created listing of products, which LinkedIn has made for you already. Linked says – “We curated your Page based on existing data from both your company website and the LinkedIn platform.”

You don’t have to do the labour of uploading your product listings, LinkedIn will do it, with all the information that LinkedIn has gathered. Though businesses can submit change requests for those listings if required). This will ensure that the product listings are exact, and trash information is not being used to display random items or offers which are not ideal. Linked has mentioned that, “Product Pages are reserved for tangible product offerings to the market. Products typically have a manufacturer, a trademarked brand name, and a name used consistently on product pages and the web in reference to that product, along with other attributes such as description and logo.”

What the future looks like?

LinkedIn is taking small yet significant steps to come as one of its kind exclusive selling platforms with ‘services marketplace’ shortly. This will give easy options to list all your various other business elements. 

Brands will be able to add product logos, descriptions, visual assets, and a display of existing customers for each.

Linked in even commented about setting up target audience – “Add up to 10 job functions or indicate your product is intended for everyone. Be comprehensive when adding your target users, as this impacts how your product shows up in LinkedIn search results.”

As we have already mentioned in our previous blog, brands are hoping to showcase more of their offerings on the platform, that will then enable LinkedIn to become more of a connector for relevant opportunities. Its high time brands do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn presence, to explore advertising and promotional options to boost their exposure to appropriate audiences.

Right now, LinkedIn’s starting with B2B software products: “Today we have more than 10,000 Product Pages, across the B2B software category with plans to add more industries in the coming year.”

Therefore, if you want to expand your selling avenues, it is time to take social media marketing services form the best SMM agency. Orionators will make sure that you go right with the new feature of selling at Linkedin and make more profits.

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