Make your travel agency most profitable post-Covid

Monday, October 26th, 2020

The year 2020 saw what the world had never seen before – The biggest lockdown ever. People have been glued to electronic devices more than before. Workplaces, schools, cooking training, games, shopping, movie premiers and everything in-between is running through the digital mediums. 

Though there have been a few industries which were hit the most by the effect of Covid 19 pandemic, the travel industries witnessed one of the significant impacts. They had no option to work through the online medium as well.

Thank god that the lockdowns were lifted and there were little liberties given as per the travel guidelines. The main problem lied with the fact that it was difficult again to get the trust of the audiences and to ensure that travelling was still safe.

Today, this blog will talk about how we solved the post-Corona travel problems for Shrinath Solitaire. Moreover, if you too are a travel agency, you also can benefit from it.

Let’s get started.

Problems Shrinath Solitaire was facing

1)     The major problem was to inform the loyal clientele of Shrinath that the services have been resumed.

2) Secondly, people are excessively scared of going to places which have big gatherings. Buses are one such transport medium where many people sit together in an enclosed set-up. Therefore the TG did not trust how the contamination could be kept at bay.

3) Moreover, there was not much awareness about the new routes on which Shrinath Solitaire had started exclusive services again for the benefit of the travellers. Lesser number of luxury modes of conveyance were available at these routes compared to the people who have to travel.

4) Shrinath Solitaire being one of the oldest and the most premium agencies was not able to spread the word that it is totally safe to travel with them.

Steps Taken to Solve the Pain-Point

  1. Firstly, the power of a team of digital marketing services at Orionators sat and understood the problems of Shrinath Solitaire. Much research of the travel industry was done to tailor-make the exact plan which would work for the client.
  2. The power of Social Media Marketing services was put on full acceleration. For the entire 2020, the world has been most active on social media platforms as cell-phones were the best friend of all. Most engaging posts were made with the design and content writing services. Polls, stories, quizzes and all the exciting features of social media were used so that people find the exciting topic of travelling more engaging. The main highlights of these posts were:
  • The staff was only allowed after a daily health check-up.
  • The passengers were allowed to board the vehicles only after temperature and oxygen level check.
  • Masks were mandatory for ALL.
  • Buses were sanitized before and after EACH journey including handles, seats and ALL touchpoints.

3. These posts were posted as per the highest traffic time according to the audience insights. A lot of studies were done so that the most trending hashtags for the client can be found.

4. SEO Services have put their heart and soul to make sure the most organically keyword-oriented content gets fed in the world of the internet. The main motive was to make Shrinath Solitaire pop up on the 1st rank of google.

5. Awareness ads were run.

6. Customer engagement ads were made and put to work.

Results Shrinath Solitaire got

  • The Awareness ads reached 11300 people. Audiences got sure that the only travel agency which could be trusted with safety is Shrinath Solitaire.
  • 28784 people got engaged with the Engagement Ads. This further increased the number of passengers who were wanting to travel with Shrinath.
  • The social media posts were among the best ones within the industry.

Key Take-Aways

Are you also a travel agency and it is not looking easy to get back the clientele you previously handled. You can’t convince the audience anymore that it is safe to travel with you – Use the power of social media marketing services and digital marketing services to get back to your previous profits – In fact, grow even better.

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