Marketing assets and how they can be used at different stages

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

“Enticing” your customer is no joke; it is for real. What makes you want that Powder Blue gown that some Instagram influencer is wearing? A POST! There are many components that make you attracted to a brand, a product or a service, and eventually, you go and buy it. 

This post, in this case, is a marketing asset!

A marketing asset can be any visual, audio, written, interactive, or other content that achieves a marketing goal. Today this blog will talk about various marketing assets and how they can be used at different stages in a purchasing funnel.

Delighting Stage

Social Media Posts: You have to study your TG to ensure that you know what exactly attracts them. Are you from the fashion industry – Influencer marketing services can work for you? You have to research and reflect on who can influence purchase in your industry? You can figure out the location, age and gender of your typical users through Google Analytics. Cross-reference that with your CRM data and your sales team’s experiences – to create a persona template.

Videos, links to blog posts, memes, funny GIFs, photos, infographic snippets – anything you post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and your other social media profiles is first and foremost meant to attract attention. 

Custom images and illustrations: Design services can be the best friend in this case. It is a digital world where people are always glued to a SCREEN, and hence visuals matter. Try to delight the consumer with simple, crisp and catchy visuals so that they get attracted to your product or service. Why do you think Pinterest is such a successful portal? Because it is all about aesthetics in the beginning.

Custom images can seriously up your brand management game and give your overall content a push as well as support. 

Delighting Stage

Informative Stage

Newsletter: A person would not put his or her money into a brand until it is known that the product or service will be of some use. A girl has 10 lipsticks, then what would be the use of the 11th one? Even if it is just for the sake of matching the shade with a dress, it is useful in her point of view. With newsletters, you can constantly keep the potential buyer informed about the utility your product or service can add.

Email marketing service is a shortcut straight to a user’s inbox – a user, no less, who has shown enough interest in your brand to subscribe in the first place.

Blog: Content marketing service can be a boon for you. When the potential buyer wants to get information about your industry, he or she will Google the query. Your brand’s blog post should pop-up to give the utmost information for the same question. If a female Googles “hair-fall problems and solutions”…. Your shampoo brand’s blog can provide the solution in the form of your hair fall shampoo. This can get converted to a successful sale.

 Figure out which keywords your target audience uses to ask questions that your brand is qualified to answer. Then, use your blog to create posts that comprehensively field those queries. 

Infographics: Sometimes your audience wants data points or clear step-by-step instructions with visual guidance. The infographic delivers the info they need on a graphic that’s fun to look at. You can post on its own landing page, embed it in your blog posts, link to it on social media, etc. 

Podcasts: Get in touch with a digital marketing agency, they can help you tell a story, a mic and have some recording software, and can create a podcast. Think of them as verbal blog posts. Share the link to your podcast on social media, email, blog, homepage, etc.

Informative Stage


Purchase Funnel

Calls to action: If you have been successful in the 2 stages above, you must make sure that your potential buyer does not leave you on seen. Please give them a path through which they can directly know how to get your product or service. For instance, CTA on your Hair-Fall Shampoo blog should take the reader to the e-commerce website where you are selling your product. This would seal the deal. 

PPC ads: A paid ad on a search engine or a banner ad on a display network can also do a great job of taking your potential buyer directly to the purchase funnel. You can have extremely high chances of getting this click converted to a sale. 

PPC ads


Loyalty Stage

Nurture emails: Take this as an example – You are an apparel brand, and a female had bought a black dress from you. After the purchase, you can send a mail or 2, including tips to care for the fabric of the dress, or you can give styling ideas going with the product. Make sure that you provide the needed information after someone has purchased from you. It builds emotional, mental as well as long term connection with the audience.

Such email marketing can nurture interest in your brand. 

Explainer videos or Video tutorials: Video marketing services can ensure that you stay connected to your buyers and keep them hooked. This way, they will feel that the product or service they have bought from you is genuinely useful. This can too fetch loyalty towards your brand.

Video marketing services

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