Moment Marketing: Know The Marketing Inside Out!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

“The aim of marketing is to make an emotional connect with the people and garner business from it”

Gone are the days when generic messages could convey meaning to customers. With the advancement in time, the mode of talking to customers has also evolved and creative brains are heading towards smart marketing mechanisms.

Any business that is gratified with generic marketing is now in doldrums and if so is continued, one might find themselves in a deep dark pit, too hard to escape. Innovative marketing is, therefore, helping brands climb up the ladder towards growth.

One such type of innovative marketing is “Moment Marketing” which is quickly spreading like wildfire. 

“Moment Marketing Is The Ability To Take Advantage Of An Event To Deliver Relevant And Related, Seemingly Spontaneous, And Often Fleeting Interactions With Customers In Real Time.”

— William Grobel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital. Toolkit 2016; Moment Marketing

What Exactly Is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is the term used for marketing when brands try to plug in daily life events to their marketing activities. Through this, they basically aim to capitalize on the right message at the right time. But, isn’t that what every business aims to?

So, in the large pool of various marketing efforts, each aimed at engaging customers to build better brand value, moment marketing takes a better speed as it hits the people right on the latest event in their life (not personal, but as a collective part of the community).

 One of the most classic examples that is used every time when one talks about moment marketing is the time of the Super Bowl. So, in 2013, during the Super Bowl, there was sudden outrage. The reason being a power cut for 30 minutes. While brands were busy in the havoc, Oreo used this time, and tweeted “Power Out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark”.

Result? Retweets, shares, and applause by the marketing world for the brand.

Top Benefits Of Moment Marketing For Brands

  • Increases Audience

Moment Marketing is something that directly hits the audience. This leads to more talk-in-town about the piece of marketing: be it digital post or billboard ad. With sensible moment marketing, the brands get a wider opportunity to reach their TG and also add value to their content.

When a brand provides exactly what a customer desires, they immediately transit into loyal followers.

Not only this, but the brand also gets to know the psychological traits of their customers and know what hits them right. 

  • Customer Engagement

People talk and react to things that they feel connected with. If they are not from the marketing community and yet share your posts, that’s moment marketing done right.

The best way to know the impact of a piece of content is by placing it on social media. With the stats, one can easily understand the effect of the content on customers and get amazing engagement.

  • Viral Content

If you have created content that’s really intriguing, compelling and hits the right chord, you can easily get viral. But, keep it in mind that not everything that gets viral is worth it. There have been many silly trends like “JCB moment” which got viral just because it seemed like something out of the world but it was not only short-lived but also useless from the brand’s POV except for JCB that actually benefitted from the trend.

  • Better Connect With The Audience

As soon as you build better engagement with customers, you set the starting stone towards building an empire. With topical content, one can easily set a better connection with customers, and if you can establish that, your half work is done!

 Is It A New Type Of Marketing? 

To be honest, no. The term topical marketing has been going rounds for many decades and Amul has been using it in every kind of communication: from billboards to digital platforms!


Another brand that is doing great is Zomato. You can check out some of the brand’s topical moments here!


Moment Marketing can be used as a big campaign and small micro-moment marketing tactics can also be used!

But, Are We Going Too Far?

While moment marketing has been doing well, certain brand’s insensitive marketing has also led to their downfall. Like how the news channel Aj Tak is facing backlashes after their callous copywriting on the death of actor Shushant Singh Rajput.

Brands are now just waiting for an event to happen and they jump in the bandwagon of creatives. As the social media platform directly impacts a large section of people, one must ensure that they don’t directly hurt sentiments. The above-said situation is just one example. 

Look at both sides of the situation and make sure that we are being responsible social citizens.

Why Must One Be Cautious?

Moment Marketing may seem attractive, but it demands proper care. This is so because with it we talk about a recent/live event that directly or indirectly impacts the lives of people. If there are insensitive moment marketing pieces, the entire community that can build your business will punish it which will lead to an overall negative image of the brand.


To conclude, we can say that while the way of marketing has been around for a long time, the new coined term moment marketing is widely used by brands in the current time to lure customers. As tempting as it may seem, this way of marketing needs to be dealt with a lot of patience and cautiousness as an inhuman way of doing that might invite unnecessary negative publicity and reduce the brand’s overall image. 

For the best content, one must ensure that they have the right marketing army to work on this!

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