Orion Insights on Why Your Brand Needs Email Marketing

Friday, August 14th, 2020

Communication through emails has been going across since the time internet has been there. Though the method sounds old, yet it has not lost its efficiency. As other digital marketing strategies have evolved, a lot of people doubt that whether this weapon would make them win at the marketing war. 

Is hiring an Email marketing agency relevant? In the digital world of today – Definitely, yes! Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and fetches business at a negligible cost. If your brand is not penetrating the ideal market, email marketing tools act as a catalyst to give it the needed boost.

This blog is here to talk about how your business can grow at great heights through email Marketing. Get Orion Insights on Why Your Brand Needs Email Marketing!

It builds a connection with your audience.

With emails, your brand can give the information that the target audience is actively searching for. This medium of communication can keep your customers informed. When you solve a pain point or answer a query of a potential customer, you create a bond with him or her because of the gained trust and loyalty.

Consumers are capable of checking their email when it is convenient for them. It can give them a feeling that your brand cares for them. You can inform you about the sales, offers, and discounts which your brand is giving. You can make announcements about how your products or service helps in the current situations.

Reach customers in real-time

According to a recent study, 55% of all emails were opened on cell phones. This is significant and should come into play when planning any marketing strategy. Most of the people do not use laptops and desktops as much as they use the handy technological tool – a mobile phone. People are keeping their email accounts accessible at a click of a button through the application available on their handsets, and that is why your brand can reach the customer with just a straightforward notification. With coming in contact with a professional email marketing company like Orionators, you can penetrate the right audience segment.

People engage with emails.

For a long time now, over 40 years actually, email has been a form of communication. If you want an official confirmation for any services, you immediately ask the other party to shoot a mail to you. That is the power and trust a well-framed email holds.

If you receive some legit contract over a plain SMS or a WhatsApp, you want it over email! RIGHT? And this is why people want to engage and communicate with a brand when they send proper emails because this shows that the business is genuine and authentic.

You can measure the results through definite data

Most email marketing tools offer the ability to track your messages once they have reached your clientele. The best email marketing services can help you track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates. With such professional technicalities, you would be able to sit down with your digital marketing service partner and create and mold campaigns for promoting your brand as per the consumer’s response.

Only the expert and experienced team members of the best email marketing agency can give you statistics regarding “optimal” numbers to aim for, depending on your industry and target audience. If your customers not only want but expect daily emails, the experts will tell you. However, sending too many emails to consumers who don’t want their mailboxes flooded will unsubscribe. For such minor yet important technicalities, the need for quality services cannot be ignored.

It’s affordable

When you need to shoot emails to your target audience, you need engaging, grasping, and material content. This requires the brilliance of a content marketing agency, and technicalities and not just costs to run ads. Therefore, you have to make investments that are not much in numbers but in quality. Therefore, email marketing does not make you invest a lot of money but fetches excellent ROI.

With affordable email marketing services, You can reach a large number of consumers for less than pennies per message. The cost per (possible) conversion is so low with email marketing; it’s sad that not all brands are still participating and indulging in the power of email marketing.

Want to build a bridge that takes your brand straight to the hearts of consumers? Contact Orionators and get the best email marketing services.

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