Orionators Celebrate Creativity Through Fun Activities At Workplace

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

“If there was one asset that any organization can have for life, one that never depreciates, instead always provides increasing returns on every passing day”


Last week, Orionators arranged a Mental Health Workshop and in the same series, the next up was a Saturday full of fun activities. 

Why Are Office Activities Crucial?

Office activities spur creativity, break the ice, and communication barriers and give everyone equal opportunity to interact and showcase their skills. Through such activities, one can easily come out of their box and enjoy it with everyone. 

They are much required as no matter what, work brings with itself stress and such activities tend to break the stress and imbibe enthusiasm. 

What Did Orionators Do?

Have you ever played dumb charades? Well, its a game where a movie name is given to a team member and he/she explains it to other team members with the help of actions. 

NO! We did not play this. Inspired by this, we choose a creative activity. 


A team of two members each were formed and seated opposite to each other. One of the team members was given a pen and a plain white paper and the other was given a sheet with a graphic made on it.

What was to be done?

Well, one with graphic was INSTRUCTOR and another with a pen was ILLUSTRATOR.

The activity was simple. No one could see each other and only with the help of instructions, the instructor had to guide the illustrator to make the graphic. 

For instance, if you have a star, you can only say make a triangle, tilt the page, make another on the same or some other way, but you could not hint that it’s in the sky, it’s at night or its a star!

The time allotted to everyone was half an hour in which multiple instances happened!

Many were disqualified, many cheated and many came out to be ferocious fighters on their creative execution!

 Have a look at all these people!


First Runner Up

Second Runner Up

Cheaters Of The First Order

Boss’s Creative Work

The Cheaters With Great Creativity

What Was The Benefit Of This Activity?

The time that was spent during this activity was truly mesmerizing. We not only laughed our hearts out but learned a very important lesson. “Communication is the key, but more important is right guidance”

While people made funny graphics, it made us realize that when you just instruct, you miss certain important clues that could make work easy and quick, but you suppose the opposite person will just understand. This is one of the biggest hurdles in communication and with this office activity, each and every employee at Orionators knew it PRACTICALLY

Being a digital marketing agency, We at orionators try to build a healthy environment through various efforts. This too was one such effort to keep the enthusiasm of our employees high simultaneously building an effective communication system. 

Dream office to work right?