Orionators Celebrated Mother’s Day with Heartfelt Campaigns for Various Brands

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

“All That I Am, All That I shall Ever Be, I Dedicate It to My Mother”

Mothers are god’s greatest gifts and no one can deny it. The undying love, selflessness, and touch of purity that she adds to her child’s life is beyond words. Be it any corner of the world, moms are the same everywhere.

This blog is close to our heart as our efforts are dedicated to the beautiful, amazing lady love; our moms!

Every year, on the second Sunday in the month of May, International Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world. While this is a day where kids gift their mothers and show them their love, brands too use this day and try to engage their customers.

This year, the day was celebrated on 10 May 2020 (yes! in the lockdown) and so multiple brands did not get an opportunity to have outdoor campaigns. All they had in hand were the digital mediums through which they could engage with their customers and touch their emotional chords!

We as a digital marketing agency had this responsibility on our shoulders to plan and execute the best of social media creatives to engage the customers of our clients and celebrate motherhood with them.

While going through what we did for our clients, you surely will go through a roller coaster of emotions as we surely will hit your nerve where the love for your mothers’ reside. These are the most loved campaigns for multiple big companies which were executed on their social media handles. We not only gained engagement, but also an overflow of love from customers!

Let’s have a look at how we celebrated moms through our campaigns.

Miraj Group

Miraj Group is one of the leading groups in India. The group is known for its multiple verticals and multitude of products and services. While planning for its creative, we had one single thought in our mind- including the range of things related to mothers yet say it in a minimal way.

After a lot of thought process, we came out with a simple and effective video. There may be multiple names through which we call her, but the essence of a mother still stays the same. The video also explains the same thing; the range of names yet one person who we trust the most, reinforcing the fact that Miraj Group also is built upon the same trust factor.

If you want to see the video, check it out here!

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मां, ताई, अम्मा आप संबोधन के लिए कई शब्दों का उपयोग कर लें। लेकिन सत्य तो यही है कि ये सभी शब्दों को अर्थ देना संभव नहीं है। विभिन्न भाषाओं के ये शब्दों का मतलब बस एक सुखद अनुभूति है जो हमारे सारे दुःख, कष्टों को अपने ममता के आंचल से ढंक देती है, वो मां, ताई, अम्मा होती है। सभी ममता स्वरूपी माताओं को मातृ दिवस की बधाई। . . . #mothersday #mothersday2020 #mothers #motherslove #happymothersday #MirajGroup

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Miraj Labels

A unit of Miraj Group, Miraj Labels is a premium customer-centric store where customers can find various international brand’s apparel (including Miraj’s own clothing). The idea behind Miraj Labels was opening up a store that was elite and premium in its offerings.

Our mother’s day creative too had to carry forward the legacy of king-like feel. We used color psychology and created a Queen’s crown with a golden color and wrote mom on it. With this, we conveyed the message of Mother being the real queen and also added the element of brand image in it.


L’bert is an exclusive men’s grooming brand with a multitude of products that are organic and chemical-free. While designing the creative for this brand, we thought to directly talk to the target segment. We devised one thing that included everything- mother and son’s relation, emotional touch, and the grooming point.

With it we came with a creative that was loved by everyone and every male can relate to this. Have a look at it below!


Rivona is an organic and natural product brand for women grooming essentials. The brand communication has always been around care, pampering, and love.

We used the same communication and through a light-colored graphic with the copy talking about the message of love and pampering. If you see the picture, you too will feel the purity of the image and love of a mother. We through this conveyed the message that like their mothers, the brand too loves them and cares for them.


The Bluemoon Kinaraz is a roof-top restaurant in Udaipur. The content had to be a little quirky and around food. So after asking and searching for multiple personal incidents related to food and mother-kid conversation, we found out something that showed the love of mom and how she makes her kids strong. No matter how much junk food we feed on, Mumma knows exactly what we need before stepping out of the house for something GREAT.

Have a look at it and you too shall love it!

Orionators Agency and Orionators School Of Learning

Orionators AKA we! You all know how we are a full-fledged digital marketing agency providing online solutions to various clients.

Orionators School of Learning is India’s first agency based training institute where we take people into the world of digital marketing and train them to excel at it.

With minimalism in mind, for OSL, we devised how every mother reflects a WOW in whatever she does for the happiness of her child. 

Not only this, for Orionators agency, we thought to relive the famous dialogues of every Indian Mom!

Go check out the entire thread on our Instagram handle. 

Shrinath Bus

Shrinath Solitare is the second-largest travel agency in India with its daily travel routes in multiple cities across the country.

The idea behind Mother’s Day creative on its page was the simple act that all our mothers do while we travel- caring, advising, and staying informed.

With this simple idea, we created communication that talked all this!

Durga Electroplast

Durga Elecroplast is a customer-centric technologically-driven company that provides pipes and electronic fittings to its customers.

While thinking about its creation, we did a lot of brainstorming. The team thought about how to talk about the big day and yet include products. Finally, what we came out with was not only amazing but really out of the box.

Have a look at it and you too shall stay astounded.


There are a thousand ways to express a single feeling of Love for the mothers. Mothers day is the day where the entire world expresses its gratitude towards the selfless amour our mothers give us and how she creates a haven!

While creating posts, one should always keep in mind that it should have two elements in it- emotional touch and brand element. If this is taken care of, minimalism is the next step towards creating the best communication.

Here’s to our moms and the world of happiness they gave all of us!

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