Orionators’ expertise insights on content strategy trends ideal for 2nd half of 2020

Friday, July 31st, 2020

With the onset of the deadly pandemic – COVID-19, most brands came up with revolutionary content that was fresh, innovative, and informative. Big companies of the world thought that this is “just another disease” which would eventually go away with the onset of summer heat. All were wrong!

Nothing can be more powerful than nature. Corona Virus proved this right and no vaccines or solid treatment has still been developed so as to fight the war. Therefore, the brands who were thinking to take this pandemic as an “opportunity” to plan their digital campaigns have surrendered to this virus.

Brands and businesses got shut down in the first half of the year with many people becoming unemployed.

The second wave has begun and the world has understood that getting locked up inside the houses is not the final solution to this issue. The world is reopening but with much strict safety measures where drastic changes are noticed in consumer behavior. To match these demands which are generally low as compared to previous times, not only brilliant ideas are needed but the brands have to prove that they are hand in hand with the audience in terms of crises.

Human connection and emotional touch is the need of the hour!

While it’s still not entirely clear what the rest of 2020 holds, marketers must start implementing revised content strategies that address both what has happened and the new normal that awaits the market post-COVID.

Orionators’ content marketing services have been a catalyst in the growth of many elite brands. With this blog, it wants to share the expert insights on content strategy trends ideal for 2nd half of 2020


Your content cannot simply afford to be catchy, funny, and interesting anymore! It has to be useful now more than ever. Consumer needs the surety that in the times where hands are tight and the economic conditions are worsening, your products and services still deserve the investment. They are some of the most required essentials one cannot do without.

Moreover, people are concerned about their safety and hence the term “useful” also includes that your products and services are safe to use. Share these thoughts with your posts as well as one-on-one communication mediums through email marketing services.

As it is almost certain that some restrictions will remain in place during the latter half of 2020, brands will need to continue producing a significant amount of content that concentrates on helping and advising audiences within the context of their product and service offerings.

Social responsibility

There are always two sides of a coin. The pandemic made 2020 one of the worst years the world might have witnessed but definitely, it has come up with something good as well.

The world has learned the true meaning of sympathy, empathy, and feeling of oneness in these times of crises. This has made people more vigilant about sustainably sourced products, greener delivery options, and charitable fundraising, to name just a few.

Even the brands who have not paid much attention to connecting to the audience on an emotional level, need to fulfill some social responsibility now. Tell through your content that we are all in this together and provide solutions through your brands.

For instance, until the moment “Black Lives Matter” did not begin, a lot of brands were not aware of the fact that they were adding on to the practice of racism. Vene a simple brand like Fair & Lovely was compelled to change its name to Glow & Lovely after this moment.

Through this fresh content, the brand is now able to reach the audience in a much wider form.

Virtual experiences

Due to social distancing, most social places have also faced the toll, and no other option rather than functioning virtually are left to them. Catchy visuals collaborated with engaging, informative, and creative scripts is the answer to such problems.

Some brands have turned to use innovative technology in their content strategies to make up for the lack of a real-world experience or, for online-only retailers, to evolve their branding.

Moreover, it’s not just retailers that have taken advantage of virtual experiences. Places of interest, particularly museums and art galleries, have had to majorly plan their marketing strategies to retain customer interest while their doors are closed to maintain social-distancing.

Brand humanization

Lockdown brought in the idea of “work-from-home” as no other alternative was left. Previously people were seen leaving their houses with crisp and stylish clothing, hairdo, and aesthetics. As the lockdown got increased, the people who were the most well dressed at the workplaces, started attending the same in pajamas, with hair in a bun and the cooker whistled in the background.

The world saw each other in a raw form.

Therefore its high time the brands create content that is not cliché or expensive-looking. The refined formed have to be substituted by more unfiltered alternatives. Brands have to relate to “people-next-door” so as to give the idea that we are sailing in the same boat together.

More likely, the new normal is indicating towards the fact that people will be making more online purchases than they ever did before the coronavirus during the second half of this year and beyond. The world is going digital, are you?

Its high time to invest in the best possible digital marketing services to not only survive but grow in the second phase of 2020.