Pinterest is the New Key to Unlock Quality Leads for your Business

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Ask yourself, what is easier: reading an entire book for hours to get the information you need or to hear the audio-books in few minutes? Information, today, can be delivered in many easily accessible forms, so people tend to stick to visual elements more than readable formats. Also, Visual content is equally helpful to all the people, literacy no bar, and helps in stimulating imagination. It is proven and accepted that human brain connects to visual input faster than any other input. Now you must definitely be thinking, as to why we are discussing all this?

Actually, this is the reason why Pinterest came to life and got widely accepted. Pinterest helps people get the creative ideas and solutions to their queries. Not only creative, people also search for informative content on Pinterest nowadays. This application allows users to discover, collect and pin their favourite pictures as per their interests. This is why you can also build your niche strong, and promote your business at Pinterest also. If you are still not clear how Pinterest can help you in your marketing efforts, then read the following reasons:

1. Correct platform to target desired audience:

Pinterest has as good as 160 million Pinners, thus it offers you a platform where you can reach out to a bigger section of your target audience. 67% of the application users are less than 35 years old and more than 50% of them are women, who follow pinterest for various household and other creative ideas. 

2. All what gets uploaded once, stays forever:

Unlike other social media platforms, where only the freshly created content gets the attention of the viewers, Pinterest pins last forever. The amount of money you invest in creating a creative and informative Image for your pin board is all worth it! If your viewers find your pins relevant, they are going to pin them or will be able to see them forever. So, the life of a pinterest image is not until its recency, but until you set to delete it yourself, thus keeping your entire content evergreen. 

3. Connect with the best in your industry:

Almost 70% of the content on Pinterest comes from businesses. In fact, according to research, Pinterest is a preferable platform when it comes to following your competitor’s service/products or your industry’s inspirations. People on pinterest do not choose to follow other people; instead, they follow their creations. For example, nobody will follow a supermodel on pinterest profile, just to see their face, but they will definitely follow a photographer to be able to see what the next level of creativity he has to offer in his photo angles. 

4. Influences conversion:

Pinterest users are very loyal advocates to what they pin and like, so much so that majority of the people using the app tend to take inspiration from pinterest before making a purchase. So, if your business is there and your business has been successful in impressing a pinner, you are halfway there. The unique, creative things on pinterest influence people to make a purchase. 

5. Drives Traffic:

This is a fact that 5% of referral traffic to so many websites come straight from Pinterest. So, Pinterest has been emerging successful in generating business through leads, second to Facebook. If you upload amazing, click worthy content on Pinterest, then you are surely going to attract a lot of leads, thus being able to make a lot of conversions. 

6. Awareness about emerging trends:

Pinterest is known to have sources that get information about the latest trends, this is in fact the most prominent reason why people love Pinterest. Talk about Fashion, Home/kitchen/garden DIY or latest accessories, best food, all of it is on Pinterest. If you use the popular keywords with “latest”, you will see how pinterest fetches the trending products in real time. This way you get aware of what is gaining attraction in the market and thus improve your business strategy or plans accordingly. 

7. An accurate Estimate to potential buyers:

If you are an active Pinner, then hold high chances of getting more business as compared to the ones who don’t pin. If you curate wise and relevant content for your audience, and if they like your board, then they kind of trust your service. This can help you reach your audience in much less cost as compared to what it takes in Traditional marketing. 

8. You brand becomes a part of customer’s life: 

You can also request the most followed boards on Pinterest and submit your pins there, this way you get to attract more people in the utmost ease. When you add a correct mix of aspirational and informational pins, you make people believe that you are not solely promotional, but also a well wisher. They start saving your pins for future reference and you ace at branding that ways. 

That’ it! We guess these reasons are enough for you to get the fact that Pinterest is crucial for your business. To be able to make better use of this extremely potential social media platform, you can trust Orionators Agency for the same. They offer reliable services to get you the quality leads that will also convert. Get ready to see your business flourish online!