Rebranding – The Power Behind The New Face Of Vodafone-Idea Merger

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Vodafone and Idea announced the launch of an integrated brand identity – Vi (pronounced ‘we’) two years after the integration of services in 2018. The new brand is accompanied by the tagline ‘Together for Tomorrow’.

Now, Vi ads will be on TV and digital platforms, followed by a high decibel intensive multi-media campaign.

The brand revolves around two large networks, people and processes. The brand that will bring important meaning to the lives of the users. Indians are optimistic and want to get ahead using fresh tools and technologies. This brand would be a catalyst in the process.

The brand integration not only reveals the biggest telecom merger of the planet but also takes steps towards the future path to offer top-grade digital experiences to 1 Billion Indians through the exceptional 4G network. VIL is now leaner and agile, and the deployment of many principles of 5G architecture has helped transform into a future-fit, digital network for the changing customer needs.

The predicted success of this refreshed brand identity

The branding was long overdue from 2018. Vodafone caters to the cities and big towns. The idea was more about the smaller places in our country. Their coming together is like a new boho version which has technical supremacy of cities and vibe of the raw culture.

As per the brand, Vi is a new design system, not just an identity. It intends to leverage legacy and at the same time be evolutionary. It flows across users and market, and towards all classes, demographics – urban and rural. Vi is a fresh, raw and exciting brand revealing the new spirit of rising India. Its main agenda lies to help Indians grow through superlative technology. In the months to come, the revised brand identity will continuously unpack exciting possibilities for its customers.

This rebranding is all about corporate compulsions for sure. The brands have merged with this new brand identity collaboration and now, Vodafone is not Vodafone, neither is it Idea. This is a new brand baby with years of international experience. This can be a challenge for the existing telecom brands when the double – power has got clubbed together. At this time, when all other telecom brands have recently hiked their tariffs, VI can rise as the king of the industry. 

What is the importance of this new brand identity and logo?

The rebranding of Vodafone Idea – Vi — using just the initials of the two companies, may have come two years after the merger of the telecom companies but reflects the spirit of integration, according to the company.

A statement from Vodafone Idea Ltd said that Vi (read as We) is more than just an abbreviation of Vodafone and Idea. It is shorter, simpler and while referencing the origin of the two brands also reflects the collective nature of the Indian society. It is not just about me, it’s especially about “we”.

“The ‘I’ is always punctuated with a bold mustard dot. It reflects the confidence of youth in a brighter future, hope and progressive pulse of India. With the fresh logo, the band sounds more interesting than how it looks where the i in Vi is inverted.

The logo is not just an amalgamation where ‘v’ of Vodafone and the ‘i’ of the idea are forcefully together but the end result ‘Vi’ or a “we” as pronounced is where the magic lies. To that extent, on the count of alphabet gymnastics, the brand Vi works.

Why is serious consideration required to be given to rebranding as per the new customer preferences?

If you feel that your brand is not able to match the current times and situations around the world or your brand no longer seems relevant for the target audience or the times that we are living in, consider taking Digital Branding Services.

  • If you wish to take your brand to new demographics, rebranding is needed. It should be parallel to the region whose residents are your target audience.
  • If you simply wish to expand your customer base with new brand elements, then you do need to take the help of professionals. Fresh rebranding can include designs which will appeal masses and not just a few sectors of the society.
  • If your brand wants to reach a certain age group or gender group, then too, you should consider rebranding.

 If your brand hasn’t been able to achieve all of its original goals or has suffered an identity crisis, don’t stress! If times have turned customers against your brand, it may be time to create a new brand.

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