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Thursday, May 28th, 2020

“We are here to transform your brand creatively, pulling in inquisitiveness of customers”

Welcome into the world of Orionators, an agency with a client-centric approach towards their branding and digital communications. The aim is to rejuvenate the brand’s image by creating a logo design that connects to the respective audience of that Business. From our precious collection of branding and communication diaries, we are going to share a sneak into the process of how we create the whole Brand Image for our clients.  Creating an impactful logo is a crucial part of the branding process of every organization. We have said it in our past blogs and will say it again, your logo is your face, and so make sure you put your best face forward. Read our blog, if you want to know why this Branding is important for your business.

For your better understanding of the process, we have given a step by step disclosure to the creation at every phase.

Shrine 360° is a wedding planner and consulting firm that acts as a one-stop solution point for weddings. They provide multiple services like personalized consultancy, wedding arrangements, celebrity management, etc.

The company has been functional in the industry but wanted a logo that depicted its essence. They wanted to communicate their range of offerings, their eliteness, and target the upper-middle-class customers. Their logo had to be around their core concept of holding pious and happy occasions of one’s life- their Marriage.

Before designing the logo, there are multiple steps that we follow diligently to ensure that we deliver the finest design with utmost creativity. Today, let’s jump on the train to a superior branding process at Orionators.

Stage 1: Know The Business

At the first stage, we make sure that we talk to the client about his requirements. The first step is taking a brief from the client. In this process, we ask relevant questions to the client. There are multiple questions that are asked to the client like:

·        Why do you need a logo?

·        How would you like to represent your business?

·        What kind of business are you in?

·        What are your main services?

·        What is your target audience?

·        How do you differ from your competitors in your offerings?

·        How would you define the tone of your business?

·        What kind of business logo do you prefer?

·        What are some of the words you use to define your business?

And many other questions that we thought were crucial for one to know before working on the project.

Understanding a business provides a clear sight into the needs of the business and only then the appropriate branding will follow. Before envisioning the brand, one must always make sure that they have key insight into the business, and from that, one and mix can be used to build the brand image.

Stage 2: Brainstorming Like A Boss


It is when the best ideas collide, that a new universe is born. But, for the ideas, one of the most important aspects is understanding the generation of it. While we made sure that we have all the necessary data related to the business, we had to then go through the process of keyword generation.

Keywords play a major role as they are what the business is all about. It could be related to the offering, the name, the idea, the services, the tone, or even the personality of the brand itself. While thinking about the Shrine, we made sure that we go around the entire wedding process, the offerings, and also the meaning behind the name Shrine.

As you can see in the image, we juggled our brains and there were multiple key points that we came across like premium, floral, delightful, elegant, pious, etc. The next step was identifying the main keywords around which the logo and its elements could be made which were a winsome, sacred, revered, luxury.

The next step was to ideate the words into the graphic. We thought about various shapes and typographies that would suit the business and which could be evolved to make the logo.

Stage 3: Concept Outline

Concept 1:

 The shrine is regarded as a holy place because of its association with a sacred person. This led us to dive deeper into life and spiritual connection. We then got the idea of the 7 chakras which you can see, which represents the 7 stages of life. The shape of chakra is a circle which itself is 360°. Through this one graphic, the entire brand name could be depicted.

Concept 2:

It takes efforts of burning the midnight oil to come up with kickass concepts. The second concept revolves around infinity which shows the eternity concept of 360 degrees and a lotus is used to depict the piousness and purity of work. Mixing both, we created a logo that showed the creation of sacred and everlasting happiness.

The next step was going through the color palette. Colors play a crucial role in a brand’s logo. They depict the tone of the business and build the essence of the brand. One needs to understand the color psychology and receptiveness of the color amongst customers. Also, typography needs to be around the brand image. It’s a wholesome family of graphics, color, and typography that when put together builds an awesome logo.


The color Platte as you can see for both were used keeping in mind the brand’s vision of elegant creation of happiness in the pious occasion of marriage. The typography too showed words in an elegant manner. Different versions of the logo were attached to the work sent to the client.

Stage 4: Presentation- Logo Execution

One must know how the logo would look after it is used and for that purpose, logo execution is a must. Through this, one can easily see the impact of the logo and check for its receptivity and acceptance.


End Result?

After the hard toiling, the farmers reap the benefits and so was done by our Designing experts. We created an image that could be used by the client in all his branding work.

Logo creation is a tedious yet impactful process and we at Orionators are all set to rock the branding world. This is how we create #OrionatorsIMPACT.

 Who Are We?

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