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Thursday, June 25th, 2020

The Orion Touch is a blog series through which we at Orionators aim to showcase the crafting process that can bring superior results for clients. This is not some template but our inherent system through which we have scaled businesses online. Be it social media marketing, content efforts, or branding, read along with us the journey towards growth!

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Today, the read is on an SEO strategy for one of our clients.

About the Company

SpeakEng India is one of premiere training institute which consults and trains students with language proficiency. They prepare students for various exams like IELTS and train them in English. They also teach other languages like German and French. 

Pain Point

While the organization has been providing exceptional training, they wanted to create better brand awareness and gain greater website traffic. 


The top objectives for SpeakEng were: 

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Growth on organic traffic
  3. Better Rankings on keywords
  4. On-page optimization 
  5. Off-page optimization


The entire strategy can be divided into three phases:

 1. Understanding Technical Aspects 

Various tools and techniques were implemented to check the performance of the website. Page speed, canonicals, etc. were analyzed and issues were jotted down. 

After that, it was important to understand the target group and type of search those people do.

2. Creation Of Strategy

In the next phase, our SEO experts made sure that some plan of action was set to achieve all the objectives of the brand.

The various things set to work on the SEO strategy were:

    • On-Page Seo Activity

The website was crucially analyzed, and every fault that could be rectified was found like alt. Texts, images, etc.

    • Off-page SEO Activity

The next step was creating a plan for off-page optimization which included several activities like:

  • Business Listing
  • Profile listing
  • Classified submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Document Sharing
  • Press Release submission
  • Article submission
  • Web 2.0 submission
  • Quora

3. Implementation 

For three months, the team constantly roped in every possible tactic and worked towards achieving the set benchmark. 


With the SEO services and strategy, SpeakEng India was able to grow and saw a whopping 40% increase in search traffic. They also got in the top five ranks on google’s search results!

Impression: Last Year v/s 3 Months Of Orionators work

As you can see, our dedication and determination lead to amazing results for the brand.

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