The 2020 Digital Features which changed the Game of Sales

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

What the world witnessed in 2020 was never seen before. In crises and joys, the world somehow came together and got united with the feeling of empathy and sympathy. While the economies seemed to crash down, trades through digital mediums stood firm. To bolster the same, social media marketing services and digital marketing services introduced many tools to act as a catalyst in the process.

Today, this blog will take a flashback and rewind the journey of these features. It will talk about the best of the digital steps taken, which acted as a strong base to support and grow brands.

Let’s begin with the digital wonders brought forward in 2020!

Linkedin’s ‘Products’ Tab

As explained by LinkedIn: “With Product Pages, you can spotlight product endorsements and testimonials by your users, gather ratings and reviews from current users, and generate leads with a custom call-to-action button, such as a demo request or contact sales form. In the new “Products” Tab, you can add new products you want to feature and include rich media like videos or product screenshots, descriptions and more.”

The brand new ‘Products’ tab can live within your LinkedIn Company Page and display all titles of products offered by your brand. The tab will open to either an alphabetical listing of your products (if you have several to list) or to your single, main product page.

The new feature will be different from services or business divisions featured on the particular Showcase page. LinkedIn helped the brands create a trusted overview for product offerings, which links all of the submitted reviews and ads back to actual LinkedIn users or brand pages, making it more trustworthy and loyalty fetching.

There was even no labour involved in uploading your product listings, LinkedIn did it on its own, with all the information it gathered. 


Twitter Carousel Ads

Twitter’s new carousel ads allowed marketers to use 2 to 6 images or videos in one advertisement. This could be great news for many businesses. For instance, your business has the best outfit and accessory collection. Now you can make an ad that fulfils all New Year Party dress-up needs – All you can do is make an add that has Dress, Shoes, Bag, Hair Accessories and everything in between with just one Post.

Carousel ads came across as a fresh way to grow sales and inform users about the products and services. With multiple assets in a single ad, marketers could seamlessly transition through different products, highlight specific features of one product, or tell a story about their brand.

The carousel ad format proved extremely beneficial for sellers as the brands were able to monitor the following with these ads- an edge-to-edge design, third-party measurement reporting, accessibility support, and breakdowns to measure individual Carousel card performance.


Instagram Guides

Guides came across as a revolutionary addition to Instagram acting as a catalyst in the marketing world. People can now share and consume content on Instagram in a more comfortable way. The platform that was initially used to create an album could now support a lot of textual content hence supporting sales.

For instance, an influencer creates a guide and thinks that your brand makes the most fantastic shampoo for the competitive price, he or she can recommend it under the Guides, which would definitely rocket shoot your sales.


WhatsApp Shopping Button

WhatsApp Shopping helped provide a direct purchase option to Business Profiles, making it easier for customers to follow through. It will expand horizons for potential buyers to check out available products and make purchases right from a chat. This feature’s primary intent is to make it easier for brands to integrate these features into their existing commerce and customer solutions. This will help many small scale brands and individuals who have been most impacted in the pandemic.

The button definitely made it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to get started, sell products, keep their inventory up to date, and quickly respond to messages they receive – wherever their employees are. 


Facebook Shops

Facebook has been the helm of social media platforms since forever. With the introduction of Marketplace, we saw how smooth, comfortable and global, selling and buying could be. The social platforms geared up in 2020 to evolve as a full-fledged eCommerce outlet. 

With Facebook Shops, Facebook provided all brands with the chance to quickly build their digital storefront, with helpful, familiar presentation options and streamlined payment tools.

Shops are one step ahead of Marketplace, making it easier to reach the TG who is not very tech-friendly with eCommerce platforms. As almost everyone with supreme comfort uses Facebook, it can make sellers convert potential buyers into loyal consumers.


2020 brought along a lot of features that, when used by professional digital marketing agency, could positively change your sales amidst lockdowns. Orionators made sure that whosoever took its services did not suffer loss in the pandemic. If you wish to reach the maximum heights in this new year 2021, contact the best digital marketing agency in Udaipur now!

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