The Future Of The Education Sector Looks Digital – IIT Bombay Shows!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

On August 23, 2020, IIT-Bombay held its 58th convocation on Sunday, and it was the newest version of such a ceremony which India witnessed. For the first time in history, IIT Candidates collected their degrees in virtual reality mode.

Due to social distancing measures, travel issues and chances of spread of Coronavirus; students and staff members from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay attended the annual convocation in their VR avatars. While the students were sitting and watching themselves from the digital mediums, they were seen getting on and receiving their graduation degrees with the same zeal and vigour. According to the institution, it did not want the batch to miss on this Once-In-A-Lifetime experience of receiving the degree. The esteemed body did not want the candidates not to get the fruit of their labour.

The personalised avatar of each graduate accepted the degree certificate from the personalised avatar of the Director Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri. All medal winners received their medals from the personalised avatar of the Chief Guest. The entire function was telecast on DD India and DD Sahyadri channels and also streamed on popular platforms including YouTube and Facebook Live.

It’s trending on Twitter that the virtual event was better than a real event.

This is for the first time in the nation’s history that an esteemed institution presented degrees in this manner to the students. It took the team of 20 organisers over two months to prepare for the event. The students’ avatars walked with honour to the stage, received the degree certificate with the smile –The entire setup was nothing less than real-life experience.

How “New-Normal” is about going to Digital?

A link was sent out to the students of IIT-Bombay to make it possible for them to access the campus map and visit their respective departments. They could even stroll through the campus corridors virtually.

It has been a decade; Virtual Reality has reality come around to become the new truth. In recent times, the medium is going to help make a lot of “fancy” scenarios a reality. It has a lot of practical applications in this pandemic and if used with the help of professionals, unimaginable will be made possible. The IIT Bombay convocation is just the beginning of what lies ahead in the world of digital technology.

In virtual reality, the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or surroundings can interact within an almost real or physical way by an individual using special electronic equipment, or just spatial imagery and avatars.

How are we evolving towards a New-Normal?

The education system has already evolved, schools, coachings, universities, and everything in-between have got captured in digital screens now. Gatherings can become a breeding ground for the spread of the disease. With evolving digital mediums and technological tools, we need to find out ways through which we not only service the pandemic but also make our functioning smoother and smarter.

The virtual convocation was like a new light in the scenario of such ceremonies. This not only helped the students to get their degrees with the usual experience, but this was something the world will remember and learn from.

Hopefully, there will be much more such innovations to see in the future.

How will education evolve further?

We sincerely hope and pray the pandemic gets over, but if social distancing is going to go for long, we need strong online mediums from where students can study. Online teaching portals have to be as strong as one-on-one teaching methods.

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Reliable and smooth functioning portals or platforms have to be created from where a student can experience learnings which are as effective as face-to-face interaction.

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So it’s time we pull up our socks and get prepared for the new normal and the innovation, it will require!

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