The Ideal marketing Plan for Hospitality Industry

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

“Rome wasn’t built in a day!” This statement is true in most cases and especially in business. If we talk about hospitality sectors especially, earning the faith of the customers takes time as you have to continually serve the clientele in the best possible manner with consistency so that you get the goodwill.

Hospitality sector today can be grown to tremendous heights with digital marketing. Thanks to digitalization, the old methods where the entire world could not see you with just one simple post, have become obsolete.

Today, this blog is specially dedicated to telling you how you can ace the market of hospitality where people are revisiting hotels and restaurants after months of lockdown.

Let’s get started.

Grassroots marketing

When you are dealing in the food business, the maximum number of your clientele is local. The brand runs mainly at a grassroots and geographic community. And it makes sense. The product is made, delivered and consumed within a communal level. You have a chain of restaurants in different cities or a small coffee shop – The rule stays applicable for all.

Each city has a lot of restaurants and hotels, and if you have to make a unique identity so that you get noticed the most, you have to rely on social media marketing services. While curating a marketing plan, make sure you know what makes your place unique and then try to market it the most among the locals.

For instance, Udaipur is famous for its rooftop restaurants as one of its USPs. Blue Moon Kinaraz has made sure it talks about this feature through social media marketing and which is why it is one of the most running places in the town.

Consequently, social media marketing, event marketing and email marketing are the channels she found herself relying on most.

And don’t forget about local SEO

How do you want to be found? When someone Googles “The best restaurants in [my location]”!

SEO services can have a significant and direct influence on your business. Get in touch with the best SEO agency to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) account to make sure the information about your brand on Google, including business hours, is accurate and up-to-date. You also need to verify the accuracy of the information listed on other sites, forums and business directories such as Zomato, Trip Advisor, Facebook and other such portals.

Each time a website mentions your company name, you earn a “citation.” Citations are generally positive. However, when those citations are accompanied by inconsistent information, you send Google mixed messages – and this can be problematic.

Long story short, rely on experts only to update business directories.

Powerful Instagram presence

Let’s talk about Heritage Resort. Because of the great aesthetics and unmatchable quality of services, it gained much popularity through word of mouth. The benefit started showing when social media followers increased. This would not only affect your favour in a positive manner, but a lot of vendors and customers would like to connect with you. For instance, this popularity can attract many event planners to your property and getting more events would make sure increased profits.

The same has been confirmed in the case of Neemrana haveli, where influencer management services worked wonders. The property is at a secluded village, but it’s worth the drool. The place invited a few influencers to stay, and the experience was so good that people look forward to planning a trip to the location. Moreover, just in a year or two, it has become a hotshot choice of destination weddings and big events. Where do people go when they want to have a look at the property, experiences and services? INSTAGRAM!

By the way, it helps to encourage customers to engage with you on social media – at the point of sale, upon sending an online order confirmation, etc., with incentives such as a restaurant promotion (e.g., discount or free side), and of course, with user-generated content campaigns.

Beyond attracting new customers directly, Instagram is also a great way to make mutually beneficial connections with local partners, vendors and other community influencers. They’ll tag you in things, which brings even more attention to your brand.

Event marketing and partnerships

There could be so many marketing campaigns which could support your brand. Your business can collaborate with the local mall to help organize an event where women or men get to meet the chef and learn about healthy eating and cooking in the times of Covid. This kind of community involvement is invaluable to the hospitality sector. For curating such outstanding digital marketing service campaigns, Orionators is always here to help.

And yes, forging partnerships with delivery services such as Zomao or Swiggy is undoubtedly helpful, especially as you attempt to affirm that your services are safe.

Utilize story highlights, polls, music, quizzes, reels, custom hashtags and much more to keep things interesting where event planners, influencers, guests and all such profit giving entities engage with you more. Every time you use a new feature, Instagram sees the effort you’re putting in and shows your content to a broader audience.

Are you in the hospitality sector and want to cater to maximum people after the lockdowns? Orionators can make sure you become the most popular and selling entity in your industry!

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