The new 2021 additions Social Media will see

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

2020 was.., let’s say not a very smooth ride. There was a loss of health, wealth as well as life. Digital Marketing services though came across as one true hero of businesses. Social media marketing became an extremely potent seller. It all started with Facebook, and since then, there has been no looking back. Small to big, most businesses have now believed in the power of SMM, and therefore, the social platforms are fueled with new energy to introduce new features each day to support the sellers. The new tools and options introduced in 2020, were already in development. In a similar manner, what steps towards betterment we are witnessing now is just the beginning towards a brighter future. Today this blog will talk about the 2021 predictions which social media marketing will bring along.

Let’s get started and see how the businesses can benefit with it.


  • With the introduction of Marketplace, we have seen how smooth, comfortable and global, selling and buying is going to be. The social platforms are gearing up each year to evolve as a full-fledged eCommerce outlet. 
  • With Facebook Shops, Facebook might provide all brands with the chance to quickly build their digital storefront, with helpful, familiar presentation options and streamlined payment tools.
  • Shops are one step ahead of Marketplace, making it easier to reach the TG who is not very tech-friendly with eCommerce platforms. As Facebook is used by almost everyone with supreme comfort, it can make way for sellers to convert potential buyers into loyal consumers.
  • With Marketplace, payments still remain an issue as people do not trust making online payments with their bank details to strangers. This is the reason why speculations about Facebook Pay can be real. It will help to simplify its one-click purchasing options and new advertising opportunities that highlight products for purchase within posts. 

Messenger Merger 

  • Facebook will also look to integrate more shopping posts into user feeds in order to entice more shopping activity. In 2020, we saw many indications towards the merger with eventual interconnectivity of Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp. 
  • Messenger IG Direct would mean that any new selling feature annexed to any of the platforms will eventually be available in the other two. This would open 3 selling opportunities with just one door. Brands will be able to run cross-platform ad campaigns and pushes to make more sales.


  • Twitter’s version of Stories – ‘Fleets’ – is now available to all users

In 2021, Fleets will catch up the fire as video content becomes viral faster than other formats. Just like Reels and Youtube Short videos, Fleets could be an excellent manner to reach the audience who cannot put much effort and time into understanding complicated content. With Fleet, brands will be able to tell about the products, stories and brand personality in a crisp and more penetrating manner.

  • The notable omissions from Fleets are AR options and effects, and it seems likely that Twitter will add various tools on these fronts, assisted by its acquisition of Chroma Labs back in February. 
  • Twitter’s also working on Audio Spaces with the new Twitter Spaces, which will be an audio meet-up feature, providing brands an easier path to engage the potential buyers.
  • In 2021, Twitter may add Topic Spaces, where it will collect relevant tweets on a topic, curated by Twitter’s team, into a dedicated page or section in the app. With this, businesses will be able to know what exactly people are looking forward to. There can be no great strategy as understanding the needs, wants and desires of the customer. If they want a red product and you are making a black one, Twitter will now give clear indication that you are on a wrong path and how to make amendments for a profitable future.


  • Instagram will look to continue the development of its shopping tools in order to further encourage habitual shopping behaviour. Expect Instagram to add advanced one-click purchasing, new AR try-on tools, building on its existing AR shopping options and video tags for products, providing more ways for businesses and creators to facilitate direct buying.

These revolutionary features can be used to share your product, service or art so that your brand becomes more visible to people. Today, if you are not being seen on the internet, you are probably lost. Your business can’t afford to get lost in the pool of many competitors! RIGHT?

Turn towards the magic of social media marketing service– and grow in 2021 as you have never before!

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