Tips On Leveraging LinkedIn Marketing Solutions For Business

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Imagine you own a business; a start-up or maybe a small local store. The problem after starting a business is not how to succeed, but how to find customers who will ultimately drive revenue and lead your business towards the goals you aim.

In older times, the process of reaching potential clients was a tedious one. You had to keep a list of all companies and then call, message and repeat the process to finally land on one customer. Oh! The plight of the operations. 

But now, the process is easy! While traditional cold calling is still one way, social media platforms have opened up new avenues for businesses using technology!

One of the platforms is Linkedin!

But, Why Should I Use Linkedin Marketing?

LinkedIn is a powerhouse of resources for those who know how to exploit. As said, “The worth of a diamond is known by its true dealer, for others, it might just be a shining stone”. If you think that LinkedIn is just for job seekers, you are underestimating the power of this social media platform.

Through LinkedIn Marketing Solutions; both paid and organic, businesses have found new customers and made immense sales. Although it is the best platform for B2B companies, if you are a B2C organization, you too can leverage the platform and achieve your organizational objectives!

With more than 675 million users who belong to more than 200+ countries, this platform is a true goldmine for people looking for better leads, more exposure, brand awareness and even career opportunities!

The ladder of your success needs some steps on your side to leverage LinkedIn for your business.

How may I get the desired result from LinkedIn Marketing?

Your goals may differ but there are few steps that one must follow. This will eventually increase the overall business of the organization.

Step 1: Profile Optimization

There are multiple details that every new account needs to fill on LinkedIn. This information is open for all to see and is the best way through which brands can organically make their company visible.

Add your story, your organizational mission, and your achievements and make them professional. Paint the best picture of your business and offerings is a coherent and concise manner. Put the best cover image, your website URL, Industry and your operations, your organizational size, and every other information that you can include.

One key focus area is the inclusion of the right keywords related to your business in your profile. The right keywords will lead to many search queries listing your profile on top.

STEP 2: Time to Work Towards Getting Leads

LinkedIn as a platform is specific in its approach but still, you have ample areas through which you can search for prospective leads. The daily work for lead should begin with “people you may know”. We agree that you are a business, but isn’t it better to connect with your own people on every platform?

The other areas are:

  • Recommendations

Recommendations are like word of mouth but over social media. Anyone from your employees to your customers can send you a recommendation and the best way is to let them go live. When your prospective leads read how wonderful you are, they surely will approach you!

  • Skills Section

One of the most crucial endorsement opportunities that LinkedIn provides is that people can rate your skills which are known as “endorse skills”.

We all look for skilled professional people for our work, and so do other customers. While you write relevant skills that are your badge of honor, it is crucial that your skills are voted. Make sure that you use your existing stakeholder’s base and get relevant endorsements.

When a prospective client will see what so many people say, they will definitely trust your business and give you an opportunity!

  • Activity Section

One of the areas where the business needs to focus on is the activities.

These can be related to existing customers, your industry-relevant data, your competitors, and your own interactions.

Through LinkedIn, you can easily stay tuned to all the updates by industry experts and can also add your comment for other clients to see. Also, you should keep a check on comments done by other people to track their activities and then pitch them your offerings to turn them into your customers!

If you want to be more specific, you can choose to go for the paid version- sales navigator, which is built for businesses for better sales management and lead generation. It will help you tap into the better network and land better deals.

STEP3: Data Storage

Even if you come across one lead, you must note it down. While it is impossible to write every lead down, we suggest you to use online technologies like CRM software to keep a track of your lead.

Only when you keep a track, will you be able to target them with your work and convert them into clients.

STEP4: Reach People

While it may seem a bit awkward to hit a send button with a message first, at many places that leads to conversation and deals.

Yes! You read it right!

While you have the list with you, make sure you form a sweet and simple message. Don’t try to sell your products directly, instead try and start a conversation. One basic message in your lead’s inbox will lead to them checking out your profile. Who knows how fruitful your one message can be.

Also, automated messages can be used to tackle the hassle of sending messages!


Shocked right? More than 57% of B2B marketers have used LinkedIn and found multiple prospective clients. It is the right time that business realizes the worth of LinkedIn Marketing in 2020 and how it helps in driving quality leads!

LinkedIn truly has revolutionized the businesses’ way of dealing. Understand the power of the platform now. Worried that you won’t be able to do it alone? Hire the best digital marketing agency that specializes in LinkedIn Marketing.

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