Top 4 tips on how content marketing can make a difference for brands during lockdown

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

The entire world is together in this situation of lockdown amidst COVID-19, some brands have stepped up to provide solace through their online content.

This blog will talk about top tips for content marketing which should be put to use during the lockdown. Read ahead!

Giving real time updates

One of the main things that all brands should be doing is being concerned for customers. During this crisis, one of the crispest ways to alert users regarding material information on your homepage is using up-to-date content. At one go users should identify the information that they need to know. Some industries, like grocery stores, also need to step up in times of crisis like this to let users know how they are being active by supporting the lockdown. On some homepage, they have updated an alert bar that drops down to direct users to ordering for home delivery, updating about the hours when the store shall be open. Content marketing services can plan out solid content that will work for your brand’s better by using it strategically on your website.

Create content spots

One of the most blooming apps is Zoom which has been a game changer in the times of quarantine. Accommodating and being ideal for ‘work from home’ situations, the conference call software, Zoom, is going to reach new heights soon. With so many new users, of all sexes and ages, there is a new need to make the crowd user friendly as well. If you visit their site, you land up on a COVID-19 spot which is bubbling with tutorials and demos. Content originating from tips around working remotely and hosting virtual events can be found.

Even chartered accountants can do a great job through such spots. With finances and monetary aspects fluctuating so much amidst lockdowns, there is clearly a need for information around the topic. Create and channelize alerts that direct users to a collection of important articles.

Use CORONA headers and title

People are going crazy to acquire as much information as they can related to Covid19 endemic. You’ll most likely see search volume develop for some of these general topics. Plan and align keywords while taking expert advice on online content marketing services. These professionals understand that this is not an opportunity to stuff keywords or look like a brand taking advantage of the situation.

Curate according to site’s aesthetics

Post and place the latest and/or more topical pages higher in the website’s chronology so that they rank better. Furthermore, based on the current situation of Corona spread, some brands might even need to consider changing some linked content and eliminating the irrelevant content from the navigation and footer area of their site. Moreover, some content may now look obsolete and be worth putting at the bottom levels in the layout in exchange for more valuable content.

Study and focus on the patterns of traffic changes regarding content on your site from February to March. There may be non-obvious content that pops up in searches which needs updating. If you think your brand needs fresh content and it does not have the same, change it! Create the latest content for COVID-19 through content creation services as expertise is needed for a quick turnaround and creative thinking.  This is an opportunity to reflect on how your users are affected by lockdowns and diseases. This might mean that you have to pause the current content pattern and work on a brand new strategy that suits the situations.

Use this time as an opportunity to grow and let your brand prosper. This is the time when your brand can easily stand out. Since, most brands understand the need to create content around COVID-19, there will be a lot of noise. Let content marketing services take over to create genius and catchy content to attract traffic which is already glued are home to screens.

A lot of brands that are getting great content together are providing helpful tips and techniques to combat the scenario. Fashion, food, cosmetics, health, fitness and everything from A to Z is putting together a guide through strong content. Don’t stay behind, put content to optimum use!