Top 4 tips to make your eCommerce website a hit

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

During the recent past, the number of new web-shops have bloomed in uncountable quantity. With the free open-source shopping cart solutions, a fresh trader is able to initiate an online business without spending a lot of time and finances for the ‘store to open’. This blog will talk about the top 5 tips to make your eCommerce website a hit.

Give utmost importance to content: Write attractive and material descriptions for all your products, informing your customer about the unique attributes. Don’t neglect the fact that people have to buy a product without actually touching it, so show them as many photos as possible from different angles. Use various sizes of pictures, offer photo details too and zoom out and in feature would be definitely an add-on. Optimize your shopping cart template if needed.

Create categories for your products: Categorize your products into specific segments! Most eCommerce websites offer product categories but if you select one, you don’t see all the relevant products because the developer did not focus upon ‘connecting’ all the products within the right category. Just imagine visiting a store where one big rack is stuffed with all your products. Maybe some hardworking and desperate customers will start searching through your products but would give up at some point. 10-50 products for each category is a good number. Use sub-categories if you have a lot to offer from your end. Inform about what the customer can find in each category.

Product reviews are a catalyst in generating sales, but only if they are from genuine customers. Try to put a scan code or a pamphlet into the package with information about the “review discount” or send an e-mail message requesting a review immediately after the product gets delivered.

If you have similar products, your eCommerce website needs to include a comparison feature, where viewers can compare two or more products.

Keep simple checkout, payments and delivery options: Primarily, do not hide material information like payment modes, possible handling costs, and shipment information. If your visitor can’t find this information reliable, he might leave your web shop because of its complexity even before he or she has visited one of your product pages and it will be a red signal that your current e-commerce website is becoming a hurdle in your progress. An eCommerce web development company mostly offers simple solutions and doesn’t build walls.

Account registrations are for warm and courteous after-sale services and returning customers, but don’t push a new customer to open an account. Remember that a sale should be dearer than creating a user account!

Offer more than one payment option.

Provide a summary of the shopping cart, the shipment or handling costs, a total amount at the end and if possible delivery date.

Focus on overall optimizations and SEO:  Begin with the most required products and continue with those products which get sold off less. Every information you enter should support your shop to reach a better listing in Google and other search engines.

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