Top 5 online reputation management tips to follow during lockdown

Monday, April 13th, 2020

As coronavirus spreads throughout the world, it’s more important than ever for online platforms to be the source of facts for viewers. The quicker brands respond to any problems regarding the industry they are from, the more participation you are doing amidst this crisis. Even though fear and misinformation is spreading like fire, here are top tips for online reputation management your brand can follow during this health emergency so as to be a responsible entity of the society.

  1. Stay updated

Take the time to go through your listings across Google, social media, review sites and other digital platforms. Across almost all segments, the four main Google ranking signals stay the same: name, categories, website URL and Google reviews.

Make sure your listings stay updated while using online reputation management services regarding any changed hours, service suspensions or revised contact information for each department or location.

Stay updated with your ‘Google – My Business dashboard’ to ensure that customers are clicking through to the genuine website or landing page, depending on the products or services. It’s crucial during this crisis to eliminate inaccurate business listings wherever they arise, to eliminate chaos and to make your brand as a trusted source for information or treatment.

  1. Be aware about situations amidst COVID-19 and be an empathetic entity of society

Even during times of crisis, your customers are talking through online mediums. The valuable feedback can give thought into the consumer’s opinion and can display the required adjustments regarding your business operations as you go through this challenging time. To stay updated of what customers are enquiring across all your locations, online reputation management strategy will plan and implement the most effective response strategy. Modify the response tricks as per demand of the hour, while being patient and transparently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensure the ORM experts have corporate-approved, template responses which can be tailored within no time as per circumstances while ensuring brand consistency across your communications.

If you ignore your reviews within a short time, you might damage your  brand’s loyal clientele which is one of the most crucial aspects during the emergency. In industries where the brand can’t answer to some reviews online without violating some private and confidential information, create a strategy to take the conversation offline.

Grab the chance to guide commenters to the respective point of contact as this will help resolve the issue quickly and inform future consumers with similar inquiries.

  1. Communicate

Enquiries, doubts and questions related to CoronaVirus are shooting at businesses of all kinds.

Pull up the socks to answer these doubts on Google Q&A and other social media platforms with the timely and material information based on facts and studies only. If your brand has no numerous locations to keep track of, you can set up email alerts for new questions on Google Q&A. If you have a number of locations, consider using a listings management vendor or software solution.

Moreover, annex to the FAQs on third-party directories, make sure to update your profile pages so that the audience is aware of your providers’ specialties, services and hours.

  1. Participate in Corona virus talks

A sper the situation, all brands should definitely include a crisis communications component over social media handles. digital marketing services outline roles and responsibilities, steps to follow, communication channels, emergency contacts and social media log-in details in such chances where one on one conversation can make a difference.

In any business, knowing your customer is non-negotiable.  Understand your audience and the social media platforms they are using to find information about the pandemic. Calmly respond to negative reviews or comments, and stay stuck to your messaging across all social media platforms with valid facts and figures. Brand reputation management also considers pinning a coronavirus announcement or link to the top of their profiles.

Make optimum use of social media to engage with consumers through frequent communications while humanizing the business operations. Before engaging, make sure you use digital marketing services to upgrade and optimize business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms.

  1. Create and post material content

Your landing pages are trusted sources for the audience to attain material information about Corona and situations surrounding it. They should be updated frequently as circumstances change throughout the crisis response.

Online reputation management services curate and publish short content with recent announcements and relevant information, and link the same with CDC and WHO information about coronavirus.

Orionators wishes you and your teams the best during this critical phase for the world. Orionators is here to help your customer experience teams and marketing operations with any help your brand needs, so please reach out with any questions or concerns.