Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends 2019 to Improve your Business Presence

Monday, July 8th, 2019

If you are one of those for whom financial success is just not enough to measure your business success, social media is the answer. Beth Comstock, former VC at General Electric, once said, “Be where the world is going”, and she can’t be any truer than now.

About tons of possibilities are popping up with the increase in user-base on social media. From image building to selling products to educating your audience every aspect of social media has been boiled down to be used as a powerful marketing tool.

In simpler words, the trend of SMM can get you major benefits including reaching out to unexhausted market groups, distribution of your content effectively in between the most potential user base and creating your own fan base. The game of brands is thus laid now on the board of social media, you just can’t ignore the millennial biggest trend. 

Social media marketing benefits hold a great charm and advantage over the traditional methods of marketing. With precise analytics and targeted marketing methods, today businesses are not blindly throwing away money into un-resulting marketing methods. Improved conversions, with visible results, has helped businesses form concrete trust on social media advertising resulting in the growth of the trend.

But, trends have a tendency to change and evolve to a better form of itself. Each year, social media marketing is improving to relinquish better business benefits. And while we, the best social media marketing agency in Udaipur finds it very convenient and helpful in advertising businesses, many of you are still confused. And it is only natural; you need to have a solid social media marketing strategy before starting out. Coming to your rescue, Orionators decided on to ‘layman terming’ some of the best social media tips to help you boost your business presence in 2019. So let’s begin.   

1. Personalized Content

A vast amount of content is gagged each day on social media and everything and anything is not relevant. No one in the world likes to be served irrelevant content and that is a golden rule.

Social media is a powerful platform and it is the freedom to choose “what to see and what not” make it so amazing. With growing personalization possibilities on social media definitely for once, it is a challenge, but only if you can leverage it as an opportunity.

The golden tips of social media tips include improvising your content and uplifting the creative levels to increase the shares.

2. Platform Feature Overlap

Utilizing multiple interactive app features to engage your audience is one of the emerging trends. You are very likely to come across your favourite brands using Instagram and Snapchat live video feature to interact with you. Same can be said for Facebook, Whatsapp Instagram in case of ‘stories’ feature.

According to a study, about 10% more conversions and viewership come from ‘stories’ feature itself than usual platforms. Also, to derive the most out of this trend you need to understand the audience group you want to target. In this way, you will be able to choose on to which platform to invest in as most of the social media platforms are giving away similar features.

3. Video Marketing

Facebook and Instagram have totally changed themselves to being video sharing platforms. Of course, they are helping in the networking process. But the major traffic they gain is due to their video content which is getting very popular in 2019.

Provider of higher engagement, it helps a person gain a huge following and receives great sales conversion. Video content has become a new way of social media advertising products.

Not just this you can implement this social media tip into your websites. According to a study, there are 88% more chances of a person spending time on a website with video, augmenting the conversion rates to 80%.

So, how does video marketing help you in your business? Video Marketing helps in marketing your services or product, circulating vital information, promoting your product/services unique selling points and boosts your sales.

4. Responsive Social Content

About everything in the web world is going mobile-friendly and so is social media. With more people switching to smartphones each day, it is imperative that internet adapted to the trend.

To your bewilderment, Facebook is deciding on to becoming entirely mobile. There are high chances by the end of the year 2020 about half of the Facebook population will completely move onto the mobile app. Statistically, about 80 percent of the Facebook revenue is generated through mobile ads. Imagine the opportunities that entail with that.

So, is your social media content actually responsive?  No need to worry if it is not, as you can always hire a top social media marketing agency as Orionators that has the expertise and knowledge needed to help you explore wider and profitable paradigms of Social media marketing.

5. Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to rope in better business benefits. Observe the marketing strategy of a company even as big as Netflix; they too are relying on using influencer marketing. YouTubers with good user base, Instagram models, popular stand up comedian, we mean there is so much scope.

So, we say take a scoop.  Consider influencers to as an integral part of your business, especially when you are on a growing stage they can help you a lot to influence or sell your idea to a large public. How does influencer marketing help you sell? They help you by generating awareness in the social media dimension and creating a sense of need for your product to help you reach out to a potential crowd.

How do you find top influencers? Finding the right influencer is a technical process.

  1. Start by knowing the reach
  2. Marketing campaigns they have worked on
  3. What audience they cater
  4. What niche they follow
  5. Consult google
  6. Hashtags that are most beneficial to you
  7. Stalking competitors and much more

Also, you can cut down these all efforts and choose Orionators – Branding and Digital Marketing Agency to help you in getting access to the right bloggers, video creators, cross brand marketing opportunities and much more.

6. Live Stream

One of the social media trends that is spreading like a forest fire is live streaming. All the major social media platforms have worked on implementing live streaming functionality into their platform and we all love it, don’t we?

You can reach your users in real time, increasing your chances of engagement. Notify your users that you are live and BOOM! You have an absolute engagement.

Also, Instagram has taken this trend a step ahead by providing you options to collaborate with other accounts and run a joint live streaming. This encouragement is sure shot going to boost the trend.  

7.  Publishing Tool

Publishing the content and sharing the content are two different things and so social media platforms are tirelessly working on endorsing larger participation by the user. Encouraging the users to publish their own content is directly going to affect the engagement and many platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook are adapting to the trend.

Talking of LinkedIn, B2B marketing is boosted by influential articles helping companies to grow in popularity and in business.   

Wrapping Up

Social media is a proven digital marketing tactic that drives in higher engagement, trust building, interaction, education, lead generation and finally conversions of your potential consumers. But it is highly tricky as everyday something new takeovers, making it difficult to cope up.

It is a sea of likes and shares. And surf, you need to know advanced techniques and proven practices to enjoy the social sail. It takes years to master the techniques and you just can’t rely on anyone but the experts. We recommend you to hire Orionators – Branding and Digital Marketing Company for an undefeatable social media marketing strategy to cut through the noise and start living your business dreams.