Top Must-Try Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Maximum Audience

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Instagram looks like yesterday’s invention. It’s hard to believe that the social media platform has been in the industry for a decade in 2020. The world saw a new rage of visual representation with Instagram’s introduction. With time, the platform grew more and more popular because it kept on evolving itself with fascinating and user-friendly features.

The social media platform rose to fame quickly by allowing people to share snippets of their lives through photos and videos and now has over 1 billion users. Stories, Reactions, Influencer Marketing, Shops, Filters, Polls, Instagram Guides and a lot of features which became a craze have been put forward to the world by Instagram.

There is a whole lot of technicality and algorithm which runs in the background of a successful post. However, videos run faster in the world of the internet, which is why the algorithm on which stories function is different. Instagram Stories should be an essential function for organizations to take advantage of. Today this blog will talk about the most engaging ways of creating stories in which you can target the giant chunk of your TG.

Let’s get started on the story journey.

Instagram Stories typically take the form of short, 15 second videos or static images that disappear after 24 hours. You have to be at your maximum attractive and interest fetching capacity to make sure you put your message forward in just 15 seconds to the world. The social media platform estimates that 90% of accounts follow a business, and 500+ million accounts are watching or using Instagram Stories every day. 

Best Insta Story Ideas:

Use Polls

There can never be any better strategy than knowing what your potential customers are precisely looking for. If you get on the head and heart of the clientele, you would always be able to cater to their needs in the best possible manner. One of the most exciting features of Instagram Stories is the ability to ask direct questions and receive instant feedback from your followers through polls.

In 2018, Burger King Spain used this tool to their advantage and asked their audience to build their burger with a question sticker and poll. Stories can be a great path to attract a newer audience, as well. Discounts can be a potential partner to attract people to buy from you. Those who participated in the Burger King poll received a promotional code to redeem their “custom” burger in-store, and Burger King sold an “Instagram Whopper” for a limited time based on the overall poll results. 

If you too are not able to please your customers, know what they exactly want through this social media marketing service tool.


Display Authenticity

Just saying that your products and services are quality does not do anymore, it’s a visual world where visual proofs are needed. This is especially important for B2B businesses that sometimes have impersonal or very professional advertising campaigns. A clothing brand Our Dwe makes 100% cotton clothes with handwork only. Time and again the brand shows through the stories how the work gets done through local and traditional craftsmen in the workshop. These stories have brought along a lot of sales for them from the international market where people value artists and art of handwork.

Take the people to the purchasing funnel

Stories can be an excellent path to take your customers to the purchasing funnel. If you do not have an e-website, get it made now from Orionators. Stories can take the viewer directly to the website with the “SWIPE NOW” option, and this could make the viewer hooked to your products.

Shopify exemplifies this strategy by posting Stories urging viewers to read more of their website content. The trick is to be visual with how you display the information. If you want to go at the expert level of displaying your content in stories, get in touch with the best social media marketing agency.

Instagram makes it easy to link your website in your Story with buttons, so all it takes is one click to turn a viewer into a website visitor.


Brand Yourself

Instagram Stories allows people and brands to use stickers and GIFs in their Stories to make them more attractive. McDonald’s capitalized on this feature by branding their GIFs, so when you search for McDonald’s, you have several images to choose from instead of generic hamburgers and fries.

Filters can be a great way to grab an insane amount of user engagement.  

Juice brand Tropicana released its filter ‘Hawabaazi Gone, Asli On’ a new avatar by introducing an interactive AR Effect called the ‘Asli Meter’. It was used by celebrities and social media influencers which were followed by a massive number of Insta followers.

Such branding needs professional help of a digital marketing agency. This could be a little investment to bring a considerable amount of sales.


Use User-Generated Content

As you build up your brand’s Instagram presence, you may have users tagging your account in their posts as they use your product. This is especially true for B2C brands.

There is an opportunity for businesses to turn their audience’s posts into their own Instagram Stories. The “Share Now” feature can be a great way to tell the people about your existing buyers to fetch trust and loyalty. This will show viewers how your product or service works from an actual user’s perspective.

Dear Instagram, on your 10th birthday, we want to thank you for all the marketing doors you have opened up for the businesses. Make sure your brand is being friends with social media marketing to make huge profits in this digital world.

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