Top Social Media Advantages For Business- An Ideal Marketplace

Monday, May 25th, 2020

The world has made its shift towards the digital transformation and its high time businesses make the move. With the crisis caused by COVID19, the world got on its knees and realized the importance of shifting towards digital marketing and building an online presence.

When we talk about digital marketing, social media platforms top the chart. Every business is focusing on starting their own social media handles but is missing out on monetizing the platform. Every business needs to understand that just making a social media account for business and posting festival wishing is not enough. The time demands more engagement, content, and marketing from businesses to actually start earning from it.

A marketplace is a place where buyers can interact with customers and make sales proceeds. While the world is moving forward, the traditional marketplaces have also shifted towards the digital world.

Now is the time that business goes digital and start interacting with customers online. Every business sets its speed forward by entering new territories and it’s high time for them to enter the online world.

Top Social Media Platforms Where You Must Have Presence

There are multiple social media platforms for businesses to go as per their industry and earn the trust of customers. We have listed three social media handles which are a must for every business.

1.      Facebook

Facebook has over 2.5 billion worldwide users and 1.66 active users and a developed AI-based algorithm that helps multiple businesses target their exact customers.

2.      Instagram

Instagram has acquired the title for leading platforms for small business promotion. It has over 800 million worldwide users. The platform has many other features that are missing from various other platforms making it one of the most loved platforms. Be it any kind of content, Instagram has the power to make your content viral and gain much traction.

3.      Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t like other social media handles where you connect with your friends and influencers. Instead, it is a productivity tool where everyone can come forward with their content and build their dreams.

The platform has started acting as the role of inspiration. Be it related to dresses, dream-pictures, or holidays, Pinterest creates a “need” for the product/service in minds of customers!

While we have talked about the top three platforms, let’s move ahead and see how these can be beneficial for your business.

The Top Advantages of Social Media as Marketplaces

  • Reach Multiple People at The Same Time

With effective social media marketing and social media strategy and its implementation, one can reach lakhs of people at the same time through the same content. This means reduced efforts of designing different types of content and a mass reach.

Traditionally, businesses had to call and meet people, and only then could they create awareness and leads but with the right social media platform, in just one hit businesses can create awareness and even generate quality leads.

  • Real-Time Metrics

The social media platforms are highly developed in terms of AI and other technologies. They have multiple types of user data with them which helps every business while they are targeting potential customers through advertising on these platforms.

Not can one target specific customers, these platforms provide businesses with their real-time statics about performance. Like, on Instagram, business accounts are enabled with “insights” option which can be used even for general posts.

  • Plethora of Features

Each social media space brings with it unique options to create content and gain engagement. Facebook has its own multiple options for its business page and other features like watch party, live video, polls, and even “feeling” option. Facebook marketplace is another area where Facebook has created a virtual marketplace for businesses. If you wish to read more, check out Facebook Marketplace- A Boon In Online Selling For Businesses

Instagram has gained the young people friendly platform’s image and has a new feature coming up every time. The questions, polls, Gif’s, and what not to keep their users engaged. Pinterest, on the other hand, has so many “pin” features like Re-Pin, Promoted pin, etc. Certain statistics show that most people come to Pinterest looking for products and has led to more than 83% of sales.

Brands have been actively using social media engagement during COVID19 to reach their customers. If you want to know more, check out Unfolding Social Media Marketing of Brands during Lockdown

  • Humanized Version Of Your Business

People like to interact with people and not robots. While we understand that your social media handles are not humans, but the kind of interaction that they do, you can truly humanize your brand with those.

People feel like they are interacting with someone who knows them, entices them, and adds information to their lives. With the right social media strategy, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers over social media.

  • Ultimately Generate Leads and Sales

Through your social media, you can keep your customers posted 24*7 about your products and services which will bring in your brand’s name while they are out to purchase. Not only has this, but also, the brand resonance created stayed with them for long!

Through advertisements too, you can generate leads and drive in traffic on your website.


While getting into customer psychology is difficult, through their machine learning and AI-enabled platforms, you can truly peek into the customer activities and life. With the right social media marketing, you can achieve brand awareness and generate the best quality leads!

If you are still not on social media, you should be there making the most of every feature that it has offered!

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