Unfolding Social Media Marketing of Brands during Lockdown (1/2)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

The lockdown due to the Coronavirus has led to a change in the multiple facets of life and the world. People are staying indoors and businesses have stopped operating. While the sales have dropped, every brand is waiting for the good days to come.

While brands are bracing the negative impacts on the economy, they need to make sure they do not lose contact with their customers. The only way right now is through social media marketing and digital technologies to reach its people. The use of the internet and social media has seen a large jump in the lockdown and that is how all brands are trying to capture their existing market.

There are multiple businesses in India and globally who are using social media at optimum, here are five brands whose social media efforts are making us go “wow”. They have used all the ways to be it minimization, features or influencer’s to get a hold on their customers and create engagement.

See how they are maintaining and building a brand with social media and are all set rolling even while we are supposed to stay at home.

The brands we will cover are:

·        ICICI Bank

·        Durex

  1. ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services with its headquarters in Mumbai. The bank is one of the top three banks in India and is one of the most trusted banks too. While banks are still operating, most of its customers are it corporates or individuals are staying at home. The bank has been doing astounding social media marketing and due to lockdown has creatively evolved it. It has used Facebook and Instagram. Know its best thing now!

  • Brand Specific Hashtag

One of the most amazing things is a Hashtag that is around its brand but yet focuses on how everything is dependent on how well people follow rules to end corona. They have used #BankingOnYou. Smart move to say Bank and yet communicate how they are trusting every single person.

  • Games and Rewards

There are multiple games through which rewards are given to customers on doing any transaction online. They also have started INDOOR ICON competition where people are told to showcase their talent and they will get rewarded if they win.

  • Corona Safety Updates

They are also consistently sharing how people can save themselves in this period by sharing tips, how to make masks and everything that’s possible. Learning: Reach your customers and show them empathy and that you are with them.

  • Promote Activities

Do not boast about doing well for society but inform customers about the different activities which instill “I’m proud to be a community of this brand” feeling in them. ICICI very effectively posts all updates some of which are:

  • It is a proud partner in PM cares Fund
  • Donating 100 crores for the pandemic
  • ATM Vans to reach customers so they do not step outside homes



  • Minimal Content Maximum Communication

ICICI has very effectively used its logo to communicate multiple things. Check out these posts and you will be stunned how amazing communication can be done with creativity.



Also, they have busted multiple banking terminologies and have created different full forms.

  • WhatsApp Banking

During this time, the bank wishes ease for its customers and serves them by sending multiple updates through WhatsApp. The bank is providing bank solutions and facilities through just one message over the WhatsApp number.

  1. Durex

Durex is a condom manufacturing brand but has evolved as a brand that has the best of one-liners around its product. While it has done the work in an epic way, current time demands more humor but communication that plays around safety and staying at home.

  • Epic One Liners around Corona

If you go through the Instagram account of Durex, you will find the one-liners which are related to the brand yet communicate corona safety too. One line and two communication. Isn’t that crazy?

  • Contribution

In the series of one-liners, the brand is also using the one-liners by its followers and is duly promoting the content. More followers, better engagement and more brand reach with just one activity.

While the number of posts is less, Durex shows how brands can use humor and sensibility together to create content so that they always stay in the minds of customers. Not only this, but they are also using the hashtag #StayingInIsEffingGood to get better reach and publicity.


With these brands and their social media strategy, we hope some doors to how creatively you can promote your brand online even when the world is shut are open. The communication does not focus on driving revenue but instead is focused on giving community feeling, hope and positive vibes through your content. Brands realize that this is time to build brand image and persona and tell people about how they are with everyone and how we can sail through this storm.

One of the key ways through which brands are reaching the audience is through social media. It has not only impacted multiple lives but is doing well when it comes to brand reach. With the disruption caused due to the pandemic, it, therefore, becomes essential for brands to do social media marketing during COVID19.

How Can We Help

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In our earlier blog, we told how customer engagement is the key to drive customers during the lockdown. Today we dissected how can one use social media on the basis of how far brands have gone in communication. Wait for part two of this blog where we will unfold more brands who are doing amazing social media marketing.

See You Around!