Unfolding Social Media Marketing of Brands during Lockdown (2/2)

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020


In the last thread of this blog, you saw two brands (Durex and ICICI Bank) and their social media marketing strategy. We dissected two and now here we are to learn about other brands.

Let us first start with why is this blog here in the first place. We are living in a time like none before. The streets are deserted, mails are vacant, and the familiar buzz of morning emergencies and evening drives are missing. This all is due to one virus, the enemy that isn’t visible to our eyes, but we do not know when it will strike. Hence, the right thing is staying at home.

This had led to brands getting active and using all possible platforms to engage their customers. Go digital they say and one platform which is more used in Social media. No one can refute the fact that more customers are found surfing through social media and if you catch their attention, your work is done. The right social media marketing during covid19 is the right thing to do.. Get the brand image set and gain the trust of existing and potential customers.

Let’s Start our Social Media Marketing Dissecting Journey!

  1. Dettol

A part of Reckitt Benckiser, Dettol is a brand that sells disinfectant sprays, soaps, hand sanitizers, and wipes. The brand is not much active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook but recently did use a platform that is on high demand these days. Yes, we are talking about TikTok. Their Instagram account has a direct link to the TikTok activity that gave them millions and millions of views during this lockdown.

  • The Handwash Challenge

The platform TikTok gives users video content to consume and not only that, you can crate videos, upload them and gain more publicity. Also, the feature of a hashtag gives brands the chance to leverage it.

Dettol very smartly used this and started a #handwashchallange. The hashtag filter has a song specially made for Dettol and a branded strip on top of the video frame that has seconds and steps of hand wash on it.

All the users were supposed to make a video, use hashtag, and the profile id and tag their friends for the challenge. They were smart enough to rope in influences like Riyaz Aly(31.9 million followers), Avneet Kaur(19.9 million followers) and also multiple celebrities like Jacqueline and Kartik Aryan. With celebrities, they had an instant boost in the number of people doing the challenge. As of now, the hashtag videos have 76.2 billion views.

  • Instagram

There are only a few posts and all are related to tips to take care during corona with the hashtag apni suraksha apne hath.

  1. Amul

AMUL is a dairy cooperative in India that provides milk and other products. The advertisements of AMUL have always been on topical issues and have the best copywriting ever possible! While this being done, let’s see what more amazing it has stored.

  • Use of Instagram

The brand clearly understands that direct sales pitch will not work right now and thus came up with effective IGTV videos and a campaign. The campaign is about many chefs who each come live and teach people how to make certain dishes at home. Dishes that require some or the other product of AMUL!

By directly promoting cooking through famous chefs, they indirectly sold their products. That is what creating smart campaigns is all about. They used live streaming, IGTV and video upload features of social media to send across a message.

  • Advertisements

Talk of Amul and not about its ad’s? The brand is using its old advertisements again on its feed giving people the feel of their childhood and the advertisements associated with it. They currently are not posting topical content and are focusing on creating resonance with the audience.

  1. Airlines

We know we are talking about brands but well, what if most airline brands come together and create funny talk banter? Well, that is what has happened. While flying is on hold, the brands had some time to themselves to sit and chill. Let’s see what they did!

  • Twitter

We all know how quickly tweets become famous and well, this time their twitter conversation was hilarious, full of brand impositions and witty! It all started with Indigo tweeted “Hey @airvistara, not #flyinghigher these days we heard? #stayingparkedstayingsafe #letsIndiGo” and the conversation started. One needs to focus on how tagging the brand, not poking but inviting for fun conversation and use of hashtags was done for more reach. Then the conversation was funny and carried forward. Check out in the below pictures.


Funny and engaging!

  1. Individual Digital Marketer Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the owner of a Digital marketing company and agency based training center in Chennai. The man in himself is a brand with 93.8K followers on Instagram. What should one do during corona to leverage platforms and reach more people?

  • Use Instagram

Sorav Jain has a carefully curated Instagram Profile. Not everything is about digital but is a mix of images, videos, IGTV videos and everything that the platform provides. He also uses kiddo @SahelJain to send across a message like how to stay happy to get a general audience to connect. A different form of content right?

  • Webinar Through Zoom

He used this time to promote free and paid webinars through Zoom application and hence, reached many potential clients and customers for both his business. Many agencies are using the webinar to reach its potential client base.

Dissecting is fun, isn’t it? Well, so is doing the same for your business. Use this opportunity and reach as many people as you can. Build a brand image that lasts forever and helps you recover through the economic crunch ahead.

If your brand needs help from an expert, Orionators are always there to do it for you. We are a digital and social media marketing agency that delivers the best to clients. We hope you enjoyed the blog.

See you around next time with more digital content.

P.S. All images in the blog are screenshots and we do not claim any of it.