Using LinkedIn For B2B Marketing Is The New Power Tool- Learn How

Monday, September 7th, 2020

The world is evolving and so are social media platforms. LinkedIn is not just a place where you find yourself only when you need to find a job or you want to hire a person for your business.

With minute technical additions and evolutions each day, now B2B marketers can find their next business partner, introduce their brand to the target audience, and delight ideal employees to join their firm. Do you wish to interact with more decision-makers? There are over 46 million of them on LinkedIn. Moreover, around 10 million C-level executives are on LinkedIn. From entry-level professionals to influencers, to experienced decision-makers, everyone you would ever want to target is on LinkedIn.

Still unconvinced whether LinkedIn is not only the perfect place but is necessary for B2B marketing? This blog is here to give you all the reasons to switch to LinkedIn for accelerated success.

Let’s get started with the first reason


When you use LinkedIn for B2B marketing, you have the benefit of relevance. LinkedIn users may be searching for a time-management solution for their brand and look – there you are.

When you advertise on LinkedIn, your ads appear in a news feed full of industry news, professional counselling, career training, and tips, and advanced insights and recommendations. Your market’s regulatory update blog boost feels exactly on point among discussions about how to function in the industry. Your ad on LinkedIn will likely be better received than your ad on social media where the context seems lost.

When your Lead generation ad appears on LinkedIn, it’s getting displayed to the audience who wants to better the industry. When it’s being shown on Instagram, it’s in front of someone who wants to see the latest fashion trends.

Effectively Use Your Own Data

Do you already know which kind of target audiences’ segment you wish to penetrate? Simply upload a list of emails, and LinkedIn will match the same with its user profiles. If your list ideally matches 300 or more profiles, the final result will be a Matched Audience you can operate upon in any campaign across LinkedIn.

Another perfect path to leverage LinkedIn’s effective targeting tools is account targeting. Exclusively beneficial for account-based marketing, an uploaded list of firm names will allow you to market to targeted sectors smoothly. LinkedIn will find matches amongst the nearly 30 million LinkedIn company pages. To better your match rate, annex a homepage URL with each company name.

LinkedIn also recently introduced Lookalike Audiences. If you want to reach people similar to existing customers, upload your customer list, and create a lookalike audience.

The Right Tool at the Right Time

The world of the internet is getting fed by attractive ads each second and hence it’s becoming a task to delight the potential buyer. LinkedIn’s ad facility provides all features a marketer requires to make sure the ads are reaching to the ideal audience with an effective ad spend.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers multiple advertising products. They can be a catalyst to give you great results and growth. Even basic text ads can prove effective and powerful in the right context.

Leverage your Employees

You alone don’t build your business, it takes an entire team. Without investing in your employees, do not expect much success. Give them the right tools to ace the market. The same can be done through LinkedIn.

Optimized profiles, both those of your firm and employees, act as a catalyst to search result visibility both within the LinkedIn platform and across the web.

Google doesn’t leave LinkedIn out of the page-crawling fun. Google will sweep in your employees’ profiles as well as your company’s. So utilize your profiles and update them regularly to highlight what is important. The most important initiative one month can get changed with time, and the scenario can be new the next month. Make sure profile summaries and headlines reflect what is most important now.

 How Can Orionators Help You on LinkedIn?

Do we have you convinced? Do you want to start using LinkedIn for B2B marketing but need help?With Content being the ultimate sailor in this sea, our Content Marketing Services will add the right push to your vision.

Rely on our B2B Marketing Framework that drives B2B sales. We have taken our expertise and experience to develop the B2B Lead Funnel Framework. This will help you hit the dream target market and bring in unimaginable customers and clients.

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Orionators is a full-fledged digital marketing agency based in India. We are empowered by the vision of Miraj Group and are constantly working towards making brands digitally empowered. If your business needs any kind of support, our panel of experts is always available to serve your business.

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