Want your SEO to Stand Out in 2020? Try Voice Search now!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

“Alexa! Please order a pizza from the best restaurant near me!”

“Siri! Tell me hotels to stay in Pune!”

“Ok Google! Can I drink milk after eating Oranges?”

We know most of the Google searches are conducted this way nowadays! And with the searches getting more and more conversational, search engines are placing a higher emphasis on Voice Search Optimization. There are two different ways of searching on the search engines; one is via typing the key phrases and getting the optimized results. And the other one is via speaking, and this one has now become the most prominent. Google data shows that as much as 80% of the searches are in natural language, making long tail keywords even more important and searches even more relevant. 

Also, it is assumed that almost 30% of all the website sessions will be conducted without a screen. But HOW? 

It is Voice search! Voice search is the new favorite browsing option that allows users to browse the internet at their utmost convenience. Voice search allows users to speak their queries into a device instead of typing them to generate satisfactory results. This has also brought more precision in the searching pattern because of the speech recognition technology that it uses to deliver exact results. Programs like Google assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana implement voice search technology. 

Let us consider an example, whenever we command something to the voice search, these programs search through music inventory, scan Wikipedia or various other ‘voice-search optimized’ sites and fetch the relevant results. 

But you must be eager to know how voice search Impacts SEO rankings?

This is pretty obvious how voice search improves the user experience, which is why; maximum of the online searches will be made through voice search by the year 2020. Due to this amount of extensive usage, search engines are now paying higher emphasis on voice search optimization. After all, the whole purpose of search engines is to fetch the information to the user as quickly as possible.  Additionally, it is estimated that by the end of 2019 there will be more than 2 billion voice searches every month, hence proving the fact that voice search is the new big thing in SEO. 

Enough talking, let’s see how voice search can be optimized for your website:

1. Website must load quickly:

Just like text search, Google Voice search also chooses websites that load quickly. Make sure that your site is highly responsive, and has all the media (images, files & videos) optimized. Also, make use of website caching to improve the speed of the page thereby reducing the server response time.

2. Write in a way like you speak:

Whenever users search for something on the search engine, they try to write the least possible information, that is, they only try to type the key phrases that can fetch them the nearest possible answer to their query. For example, if the user wants to search for a good bakery, they could type “best bakeries near me” but if they use the voice search for the same, then they will be searching for “what are the best fresh cake bakeries near me”. 

So to optimize your content according to voice search, do not forget to include the long tail keywords, but keep in mind that the voice searches are like a sentence formed by a kid in 5th Standard. So keep it simple and general. 

3. Mind your Featured snippet:

The average voice search result is up to 30 words long and we do not need to make it that long actually. Create a featured snippet, which give a summary of your content before the reader actually dives into the content. So include an on point summary of your content in 29 words and make sure you use bullets or lists for the same, to increase the readability and grasp the attention of the user. You can include most of your long tail keywords there to get the content completely optimized.

4. Include “near me”:

Most of the voice searches are location based, i.e., if you use “near me” or location based keywords, then your content stands a higher chance of being visible to the user.

GREAT! But how does this drive traffic to my website?

Although, voice search alone does not contribute to your ranking. But if you check your Google Analytics report, it does drive traffic to your page! 

Whenever Google gets a voice search, it gives a shout out through a simple “According to (name of the company)”, thus getting your brand the necessary attention. This way voice search gets you and your brand an additional benefit, along with getting you the traffic.

So keep creating accurate voice ranking reports and optimize voice search SEO, to get the better and the best outcomes. Before we end: “It was observed that voice search e-commerce will give a profit of around $40 billion in the year 2022”!