We create 110% effective Facebook Ads, know-how?

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. If a brand does not have a presence on social media, it may lose out on customers. This is why so many big players of the industry and market are putting money on social advertisements and engagement to boost their reach and conversions — especially on Facebook. 

You know about the popularity of this tool but do you find yourself asking: Do Facebook ads work?

As of the last quarter of 2019, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. It is clearly the most popular social networking site in the world. Be it for professional or personal use, the social media channel is widely accepted by a wide range of demographics in the consumer market.

The graph should give your business a strong reason to run a Facebook ad and expand your brand’s reach.

Now, this blog is here to talk about how Orionators creates 110% effective Facebook Ads. To prove the case, we will take the example for Rivona Naturals – An organic skin and hair care range for women.

Problems Rivona Naturals was facing

  1. Rivona Naturals is a revolution in the skin and hair care industry because it only uses 100% natural ingredients to create its organic products. There was a lack of awareness about this fact among the target audience and the brand was perceived as just another cosmetic company.
  2. The sales were also not very high as the brand was not able to reach the ideal audience through digital platforms. 
  3. Different pricing present on the website which was considered as a little high was another hurdle in the path of high sales.

Solutions provided by Orionators through Facebook Ads

1. Orionators figured out that maximum products and brands become popular when the ads of the same are visible on Facebook. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. 

2. Orionators made crisp and catchy ads that would have ideal textual and image content that will be perfect to run ads over Facebook. Facebook ads need a particular amount of content so that the advertisements can run smoothly with maximum reach and efficiency through social media marketing. For the same, expertise and experience are needed which is in bulk at our advertising company.

3. Ads made sure to lay emphasis on the uniqueness of the brand. Even the most expensive and elite skin and hair care ranges of India are chemically processed and contain some toxins in the form of preservatives. Rivona Natural products have no Sulphates and Parabens and are Cruelty–Free. The best digital marketing services in the nation made sure to highlight such facts in the Facebook ads.

Results Rivona Naturals got

Even the females who are homemakers mostly use Facebook. Facebook is a medium that is highly used by people for all genders and most age groups except minors. Women have a habit of searching for natural skin and hair care remedies through the internet and Orionators took advantage of the same. Data were collected for all the people who make searches on keywords like “natural skincare products, natural hair care products, natural shampoo, natural moisturizer, natural face serum, paraben-free shampoo, sulfate-free conditioner, etc.”. The same people started seeing the ads of Rivona Naturals and that is how the brand awareness boomed.

The ads were run majorly for the Rivona Naturals products which were available on the biggest online shopping platform of the world – Amazon. The price of the products on Amazon was discounted and there were many offers that were available. Therefore the traffic on Amazon was great and there were many sales done from the same.

Objectives Facebook Ads served

Page Likes – The ads encouraged the target audience to follow Rivona Naturals on Facebook with a ‘like’ for further updates.

Engagement – They helped to generate activity on the brand website.

Promotion – The target audience interacted with some content that was getting posted so far. That turned into an opportunity to target more customers from that segment.

Brand awareness – Using Facebook ads boosted the exposure of the brand name.

Website Conversions – The ads took visitors towards a defined call to action on the website or Amazon.

Offer Promotions – The ads made it possible to run promo offers or special discounts designed to appeal to their target market. This increased sales majorly.

If you too want to sell your products fast and in bulk, do rely on the potential of Facebook ads. With Orionators, you can be sure to create 110% effective Facebook Ads.