What is UGC Campaign and How it Can do Wonders to your Branding?

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Nothing looks more effective and genuine than your own users creating content in favor of your brand! Most of the Millennials prefer the posts and reviews that come from the real audience, rather than from any other media. This is the idea of UGC (User Generated Content). 

It is any type of content that has been created and put on the web by the unpaid contributors who admire your brand already. The content can be anything like, pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, blogs that get promoted by the users rather than the brand itself.

Har Ghoont Mein Swag Hai Campaign
Source: YouTube

UGC has an additional benefit which is the customers are more interested in hearing the views of their peers other than believing in the well-served sales messages. For example – “Har ghoont Mein swag hai” campaign by Pepsi.

This campaign went viral with its swagger anthem having uber cool lyrics and super sassy dance moves! People literally bought Pepsi, recreated those dance moves and their videos went viral!

This video content produced by the users themselves, reminded other people of having the coolest summer beverage i.e. Pepsi! This way UGC helped in branding on such a significant level. 

Why is UGC successful so much so that it shouldn’t be ignored?

UGC campaigns are successful because the brands are turning to their audience to market their products, instead of creating their own ads that do not entice as much! Nowadays, businesses that pay close attention to and utilize, the change in trends of customers’ choices and perceptions to various things, get to win! So, in the Digi-world, if brands do not pay prime attention to addressing customers’ likes and preferences, then they are lagging big time!

Take a look at the following solid reasons that support the fact that UGC campaigns are so successful:

1. Less trust on marketers:

People no more feel entertained with the sleazy marketing ideas and pushy sales tactics. An average person on the street does not like to buy things just because that particular company is good at marketing its product/service. Instead, he craves for a connection or a story that they can relate to. They are more likely to like the brand if the people around them also find it good and reliable. 92 % people are more likely to believe in a recommended product rather than the over publicized one. 

2. Authenticity:

63% of the people prefer products that prove their authenticity, over the products that are just well-branded. Billboards or media campaigns, newspaper ads or even TV commercials are called as passive marketing nowadays. They only tend to choose brands that connect with them at a human level. 

3. Cost effective:

User Generated Campaign is created by the people who have used your service/products and have genuinely liked it. So they create content out of their gratitude or affinity for your brand and that is unpaid. They might also share content for you to stand a chance to win something or even to build connection with like-minded individuals and form a community. 

So, marketer does not have to invest millions and millions on prime time commercials and this is the beauty of UGC.

4. Gets higher that highest ROI:

According to various surveys, when your consumers give content for your brand, then the engagement hikes by up to 30%. We can recall of how it became a trend to click the white cup of Starbucks that has your name written on it. People shared their pictures thus making Starbucks loads of UGC, inspiring so many other people to do the same! 

5. More conversions:

UGC gives power to help customers with your product. Make them feel like your product is here to solve their problem and add to convenience. People do a lot of research before choosing you over your competitors. So UGC and reviews definitely help in increasing the conversion rate by convincing the customers. 

Do you want to know some of the most famous UGC campaigns? 

1. Play with Oreo: 

Play with Oreo campaignOreo Play Doodle


Oreo invited its audience to doodle and show their creativity around the Oreo biscuit. Kids and youngsters found it very engaging and they got a good response in the form of imaginative oodles around the biscuit as their UGC. 

Share a coke ugc campaign2. Share a coke:

Coca-Cola started a campaign named “Shareacoke” in which users had to name the people they wanted to share their coca-cola with, and they got the bottle delivered with their names written over it!

This campaign increased the sale of this drink considerably and was a huge success.

3. Heineken:

Heineken realized that its consumers were looking for something personal and original. So the beer manufacturers asked the customers to share their views on “how to reinvent beer experience”. Customers shared a lot of videos and images for their suggestions to change the experience. 

You must be feeling really worried about how you too can create some content like this, that gets you a lot of UGC and good name to your brand. We have some of the smart ways to encourage UGC content, for you:

  1. Collect reviews from various 3rd party review sites, so that the customer does not feel like you are manipulating them into purchase.
  2. If you are unsure about something, say CTA or headline, or any hashtag, ask people for suggestions. This is the best way to get high engagement and eventually to get UGC.
  3. Contests do not only help in getting high audience engagement but also help a lot in getting quality involvement. So organize creative and provocative contests.
  4. Announce attractive rewards for people who engage with your content, for example, reward people with goodies or cash if they are among the top 5 answers to your questions or are the most creative submissions to your tasks, etc.
  5. Support a cause that aligns with the brand’s values and show your fans that you have a greater vision more than to increase your sales. 

As customers are less and less swayed by the traditional Advertising, UGC has come to rescue the reach of the various marketing campaigns. The influence of UGC is strong and powerful, without a doubt. So try creating your own UGC campaign and learn more about how to make your campaign successful at OSL. Orionators School Of Learning is Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you rank atop by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.