Why are Blogs so Important to fuel SEO and Website Traffic?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

People belittle the potential of blogging. But to be honest, if you care about SEO, you can simply not have your way without Blogging. We know how Google is the wildly popular one stop search engine whenever people have to search for anything. This means that no matter whatever product/service/purpose you serve online, you have to be trending in those searches to be able to get spotted by your audience. And that cannot be achieved without the help of blogging.

Also, many people choose paid advertisements to rank on the search engine pages, but let’s be honest here; people prefer choosing organic results more than any other options on the result page. So, only advertising aggressively alone does not really help. But one must also know the fact that having a blog only will not rank your website. Blog is the raw material that is majorly required by an SEO to be able to make you rank on Google. If you are regular with your blog posts that have quality content and high relevance to your audience, it can make a huge difference in your ranking factor and helps you perform well on various search engines.

So, we are briefing the 6 most important reasons supporting the same:

1. Blogging makes your website look updated:

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When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, your content will appear fresh and new to them. But over a period of time, when they repetitively visit your site and find the same old website with no updates, they might lose interest in your service on the whole. So your website must deliver some useful information to your user in some way or the other, so that it looks like it is not a dead webpage.

Also, if your website does not have updated information, then Google does not find you relevant. The search engines crawl over your site and signal that the website offers god content and thus getting a chance to getting indexed by the search engine algorithms.

2. Quality content makes your clients stay longer:

Google has a key role of providing informative and on point result to the people performing searches, so that; they keep coming back to Google. So, Google uses several factors to determine what results will succeed in entertaining the clients and satisfy their queries. One of those factors is the time for which a visitor stays on the website. Suppose a person clicks to a link and reaches to your site, if they stay on that page for long duration, Google takes a note of that and remembers that that particular search result is relevant and good quality. So, if that person reaches to your site via a your informative and catchy blog, then they will stay longer to read the whole thing and thus giving signals to Google that this website is likeable. This is why it is important to pay attention to blogging. also, to tell you a secret, try to create informative content up to 2000 words long. This is because such content holds higher chances of ranking on the top pages of Google search results.

3. Blogging helps you target long tail keywords more efficiently:

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SEO is a person who operates on keywords. All their strategies and reports revolve around various shirt tail or long tail keywords. We know how competitive job it is to do SEO for a website, just to get your site or blog rank better on Google. And one of the most common practices of an SEO is to target longer keywords because they are more specific to the searches. Such keywords are called Long tail keywords and they comprise of more than half of the searches.
But if you use those long tail keywords in your product name, then it looks awkward, so rather you can put those long tail keywords in your blog content in a way that it does not even look extra!

Yes, we accept this that these keywords like “best coffee machine under Rs. 1500” do not attract as much traffic as general keywords like ”best coffee machine”, but whatever traffic it attracts are more interested and are clearly your target prospects.

4. Blogging helps in the linking trade:

The higher the number of links you have, the better is your SEO. If you do not include internal links on your website, to help people travel from your one webpage to another, then you are making a big mistake!
You can find some good internal links on the main pages of your website after you blog regularly. When you add more pages, you add more opportunities and thus making traffic happen to your site. When you use the anchor text wisely you tell Google about your content and keywords.

5. Blogging helps you explain better and address better:

Blogging comes with solutions to both, you as well as your audience. When your audience reads a post they like, they love to share it as well. This helps in driving more traffic to your website and you never know some of them might even signup with your website. And if this continues and the visitors keep coming back again and again, VOILA, you will rank better automatically!

But see, your audience is relating with your blogs and this is the biggest win!

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6. More number of URL:

The most difficult part of SEO is to get external links. Google needs to believe that your site is authoritative. But if you have blogs, then getting external links become a lot easier. So, you earn inbound links for your website, thus helping SEO. Just remember to keep high quality articles, which get links from others, but make it look natural and not manipulative. Because if Google gets to know about the manipulation, it might charge you a nightmare of a penalty.

To speed up the process, one can boost their blogs on Social media to make it reach to more and more people.


So, believe it or not, there is no Good SEO without good and regular blogging. In fact, Blogging and SEO go hand in hand, in order to make the website rank atop with increased keywords, more links and more entertaining content for your clients. So, keep blogging!