Why E-Learning Is A Game-Changing Move In Education Sector

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

“Change is the only constant” and to excel, one must keep innovation and change at their core. 

Students are a goldmine and trainers/educators are the smiths who extract the best out of students. Traditionally, the concept of education was limited to schools and tuitions where a great deal of emphasis was placed on face-to-face interaction. 

LeapFrog Strategy In Education

We have evolved from typewriters to speech-to-text devices but education still is in its same terms. A class full of kids, one teacher, and the same pedagogy for all. 

Until the recent past, parents assumed that online education was not as effective as traditional modes and that it wasn’t value for money deal. Many online education platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Byju’s, etc. have been in town to provide quality, personalized teaching experience. 

But did that make e-learning really popular?

No! The real reason why this game-changing evolution was widely adopted in a night’s time was the PANDEMIC!

The COVID Tsunami

A sudden lockdown cajoled entire nation into their homes and shut everything: including schools.

Globally, more than 1.2 billion students were out of classroom.

This is when the schools grasped the need of going online: from building applications to track students to building platforms to establish proper education facilities. A rarity suddenly turned into a reality overnight. 

  • The addition rates of students to online platforms increased by 200%
  • Online video conferring apps like Zoom witnessed a whopping surge in usage by schools
  • Online certifications were kept at a discount to lure more people. 
  • The queries on e-learning apps increased by 80%. 

If you’ve got the right technique to teach, now’s the time. In our past blog, we talked about why the education industry needs digital transformation, and with the current market, what we said stands true. 

What Did Students Do During This Lockdown?

What 3 decades od constant deliberation could not do was done by the pandemic in just three weeks. Students shifted towards online dication portals: free to paid and started doing online courses. Their LinkedIn and other social media stories are living proof of their happiness on availing the certificate of completion. 

Other than that, online tuitions and schools also started where teachers and other school staff provided students with video call classes, app-based assignments, and completion targets. 

How Is E-Education Beneficial For All?

  • Customized learning experience

“One size fits all” is not possible in education. Every student is different and must be treated differently. With e-learning, one can choose the way they want to study and have a customized learning experience. Imagine you forget what teachers say in class. If you will have a video, you might find studying easy. With virtual learning, you carry your classroom with yourself!

  • Accessible

Through e-learning one can learn and study from anywhere in the world. The costs of hectic commute and rigid schedules can be ignored and one saves not just time but also money. 

All one needs is internet access and one is good to go. Even if one is doing a job, through virtual classrooms and pre-recorded lectures, they can easily study as per their convenience. To make it accessible for all, you must be present on online platforms/ have one of your own. This can be done by some experts at building applications!

  • Promotes overall growth 

E-learning is a resource full of various studying materials: over and above the basic academic learnings. With online classrooms, people who are shy too came come ahead through the help of screens and shed their fear. Ice-breaking and basic activities become easier to handle with a smart UI interface

  • Parents Trust Issues Resolved

Many parents are unaware of what happens in schools. With e-learning, they can easily see what their kids are studying as they can keep a check on it. With the pandemic in place, the biggest hurdle of parent’s trust over these platforms has also come to a resolution phase which is a good sign for any other educational startup to push themselves. 


E-education has truly evolved over time and keeping in perspective the current situations, we are sure that this is the futuristic way of learning. This is beneficial not only for students but for people with the right teaching resources too. If you know that you have the best teaching idea, you need to start over building a platform ASAP. 

You’ve got the resource and we’ve got the necessities to give you the best platform. Start on your journey with the upgraded technology that’s both user-friendly and future-oriented. 

We are also all ready with the latest technology and experts to support you during your growth through not just applications but the right marketing mix strategies!

P.S. We recently handled a client who masters commerce coaching for HSC classes. Not only did we increase his brand awareness through social media but also provided him right solutions to grow via online classes!

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