Why Should you Hire an SEO agency, 10 Reasons!

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Hiring an SEO agency should be the first thing on your list to promote your business, and why not. Ever since the advent of Google Marketing even the leaders of the domain have dreaded SEO. But the times were different then and you had an option to ignore it for a while. 

But now as the whole world is converging on digital platforms do you think it is a good idea? Of course we know you are from some of the few who are well aware of the SEO benefits. There are myriads of advantages you can derive from SEO services, be it ranking high in Google searches, driving authentic leads, increasing brand awareness, you name it and SEO magically has got it. 

To elaborate it further, take yourself as an example. If you are looking on too buying a product/service from a certain provider online, what is the first point of engagement? Isn’t it website? Websites are thus the ultimate connect between your most potential customers and the company. Simply ‘googling’ something is the solution to all, but that is a lot of technical. You see, behind the scenes the company has invested to hire SEO expert to enhance their website visibility, ranking on top and generate more leads. 

So of course your major focus for this year should be hiring a professional SEO Company, but it is only trailer. There are way too many reasons; in fact we have boiled them down to most important 10 benefits of hiring an SEO company. In this article you will also be able to deduce SEO services to help your website rank better. So let’s begin: 

1. Organic Traffic is achieved

Organic marketing is one of the most powerful ways of lead generation. People search things using specific keywords. Okay, keyword is rather a technical term. For example you are looking on to selecting an agency for SEO, so what are the possible words you will use in the search console. 

I am taking a wild guess, “best SEO agency in so and so city, SEO experts, Freelancer SEO expert, Best Digital marketing Company”, and so on. 

These particular words that you use to filter your search are the keywords that are used by Google to find you the most relevant results. So now, tell me did you use any keywords while writing the content of your website, or did you follow the technicalities to ease up the task of Google. Have you done any marketing around any of the keywords that will help you rank better on the searches.

Definitely it is an expert’s task. There are major technicalities involved but more than that it needs experience and strategizing so as to make it easy for your consumers to land on the relevant webpage. All in all centrally you need your website crawlers to fill contact form so later you can remarket on the lead. 

2. Regular Audits and Keyword Research Report

Finding the best SEO agency in India is like looking out for a needle in haystack. But here is a trick about every leading SEO agency in the world will provide you a free audit. In fact this rule is so much uncommon in India, that the unworthy digital marketing companies are not even aware of any practice as such. 

And it is not something to be ignored; these reports make the foundation of ‘scope of SEO’. With these reports a team of SEO consultants determine the duration of the contract. 

Before starting the work, about every top SEO agency in India offers a free audit and keyword research report for your website. These factors thus help you in getting detailed information of your website respective to SEO before starting on any services.  

3. Set Responsibility

Post keyword auditing, designing of the scope is done as we mentioned earlier. Achieving the results become much easier with the scope definition. Marketing goals are set for your project with the SEO company and they become accountable for your website and business positioning. 

Having said that we mean accountability entails them to drive desired results. Of course not everything goes according to the plan but surely they know in the end when the reports are sent to you they have to show promised progress. This accountability setting thus is very important before starting the project. 

4. Gives you time for other things

When you have a professional SEO agency doing optimization you have plenty of time to spend on other important things. 

SEO takes lengths of time, in fact sometimes a whole day. So while you have a lot of things to actually concentrate on, you should hire an agency to reduce your workload. Not only they just cut out on the workload, but as experts they do a better job then you in fulfilling your desired goals. Also, it is a growing trend to outsource the work to SEO agencies. So, buying yourself some time is a perk. 

5. Free Tools and Resources 

Just like an artist can’t survive without his paint brush, a chef cannot give his best without the right set of knives, same goes with the SEO experts. Various tools and resources are a basic requirement of any SEO professional. 

Some of the best SEO marketing tools are free and some of them are paid. And when you don’t hire an SEO expert team, you will have to purchase them. And let’s face it if you don’t know how to use it to its full extend spending money goes in vain. While if you hire an SEO company, you are able to leverage their knowledge and experience and also their tools to use them on your various projects and save money and time with desired efficiency.  

6. Updated with latest SEO Techniques

There is so much going on in the digital world. Google keeps on updating its algorithm and as a non professional, it is quite a difficult job to keep up, especially when you are in the learning phase. 

That doesn’t go with SEO agencies. It is their job and for website optimization it is an obligation that they are always head to head with the evolving trends and algorithms. So, it is good to hire experts and use their skills and knowledge. After all results are all that matters.  

7. Legit Method

There are three ways by which SEO is done, that is white hat, grey hat and black hat. Our marketing tips centralize to using legitimate ways. While many digital marketing agencies will be able to drive you promised results using unethical ways of SEO tactics, as an expert we can tell you that don’t last longer moreover that can even get you blacklisted. To avoid all this and getting genuine brand awareness use organic marketing methods. Be on the lookout for SEO companies that are very professional and holds high work ethic.

8. SEO is an elaborate Process

It is no one time practice, it is important that you are persistent. When some of the techniques are illegal and can cause your online marketing campaign serious burns, professional companies know the best ways to enhance your brand awareness. 

With the right content creation, link building, keyword research, website optimization they are able to build you SEO friendly quality web pages. They make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links, develop a sitemap, maintain cleaner codes, do a 3600 content marketing; set your long term short term goals. 

9. Monthly Keyword Reports

Keywords are a very important part of your website and online presence. It is necessary to have a before and after report after starting SEO projects. Tracking the results becomes easy as you are more able to measure your progress, lead generation, conversion. SEO analysis and reports are thus necessary and also a verifier of the accountability of the company you hired. 

10. SEO Fixes and Maintenance 

This is one of the major reasons of hiring an SEO company, and thus we have saved it for last. SEO is not a one-time task we have already made it very clear. It’s a continuous process and regular maintenance is important. On hiring an SEO company you give this cumbersome yet necessary task to a team that is efficient in the regular website checkups to keep your digital popularity on the search engines. This practice also helps in gaining organic traffic to your website and to grow your business faster. 

Wrapping up

Finally we are going to answer the question you have been longing to ask, “Where you can find reputable SEO agencies?” 

It is a very difficult task, go for references. Look out if in your circle someone has availed any SEO services, what was the result. How good is the company, when it comes to reports, is the communication transparent, are they using important tools? Have they worked in your niche, look for genuine testimonies, visit their website, look into their case studies.

There is so much you can do. Other than that, follow the above mentioned points to evaluate their knowledge and experience and they are indeed aware of the popular SEO practices.  

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