With digital expertise, how can you boost conversion by X times

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

A lot of people may visit your website but their visit would not be profitable. A conversion occurs when a visitor’s wish is fully granted and he/she completes the desired task with convenience at your website. Some examples may involve – Filling out a form, making a purchase or making a reservation. The percentage of total visitors that convert/ make a purchase is called your conversion rate. Depending on your site’s or brand’s goals, conversion plans need to be made. In order to track Conversions, Conversion Rate, and Cost per Conversion, you need to track it meticulously.

What is a conversion boost?

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the process of improving your conversion rate. A/B testing or split testing is one of the techniques used to test and monitor the conversion performance of different landing pages or ads. It acts as a catalyst to know which features on your ads and website optimize your online conversion rate.

For inspiration, we will take the case of one of our elite clients – Heritage Resort. This blog will talk about how with the digital expertise, and with conversion rate optimization services you can boost conversion by X times.

The problems the Heritage Resort was facing

Heritage Resort is located at one of the most loved places in the world – The City of Lakes. Thousands of tourists visit the town each month and hence all hotels are mostly full. To stand apart from the chaos of the main city, The Heritage Resort has been built on the outskirts and stands tall on the serene banks of Lake Bagela. The famous temple of Rajasthan – Sahastra Bahu is also nearby the location and hence the resort expects a lot of devotees and visitors because the place really is ideal for relaxation.

  • The bookings were not as much as expected – The Heritage Resort had registered at big reservation portals like Make My Trip but it simply added to the cost. The owner wanted to lower the tariff so that people could enjoy the best version of Udaipur. Such collaborations have their own share and hence the costing was going high. Due to this reason, the bookings were not as much as expected.
  • No plans worked – Heritage Resort later planned to collaborate with a third party booking platform so as to cut down on the cost. This too did not do much good.

In the end, The Heritage Resort came in touch with Orionators so that the expertise and experience could bring glory to their magnificent Resort.

The Solutions provided by Orionators

Orionators identified that the advertisements were not highlighting the USPs and specialities of this beautiful place. The online visitors might have perceived it to be just another ordinary hotel.

    • SEO services of Orionators made sure to highlight its uniqueness. Some of these were a healing spa treatment, the view from the rooftop restaurant ,exotic wine and dine, a swimming pool, nearby attractions like Lake Bagela, the aesthetic architecture, touch of traditional culture of Rajasthan, conference room and  3 huge lawns, namely, Lake View Garden, Lotus Garden and Heritage Garden. 
    • Keywords related to these features were searched and studied thoroughly so that the same could be highlighted.
    • Target Audience, and Target locations were studied and a report was made to how to solve the issue of lesser bookings. 
  • At the right place and to the right audience, the ads were displayed.
  • Occasional and seasonal discounts and packages were tailor-made to suit the season, event and audiences
  • With the best possible website designing and developing team, provisions were made from where people could book the resort with ease and comfort from its website.
  • Orionators made sure that direct bookings work to cut down on the cost and tariff. This was done as there was no third-party contribution involved anymore.
  • Moreover, there was hardly any online pathway through which people could book gardens or conference halls. Orionators brought in this revolution in the field of booking.

The Result the Heritage Resort gained:

  1. The conversion rates increased majorly with these changes. Through content writing services and conversion optimization services, the right notes got hit. Audiences saw how this report stood apart from the rest of the hotels of the city which were mostly located in congested areas which eventually meant that a tourist would simply lose the precious time of the vacation stuck on the roads. Social Media Marketing Services made sure to highlight these bonuses on all social media platforms and everywhere on the internet.

  1. With direct booking possibility, people realized that the tariff was lower in comparison to places which were less comfortable and magnificent and yet charged more. The affordability due to website booking brought along a lot of bookings.

  1.     From the first day of the services by Orionators, leads increased. This eventually increased the bookings, sales and profits. 
  2. Through the right kind of advertisement plan, the cost per ad fell down. Conversion rate increased immensely due to the affordable prices of the room

Key Take-aways

Now you have to decide for yourself! If you want to use the expertise of the top digital marketing agency and decide your own “X-times”; or do it all by yourself without professional help and be doubtful about growth! With top-notch SEO services which highlight your unique features with best website content writing services, boost your conversions at the maximum level

With Orionators – Decide your own “X”

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