YouTube Trends for 2021: Peep into What’s Next

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

YouTube has passed the test of time with flying colours to prove its worth in promoting brands. YouTube’s popularity can fetch you many profits and can work wonders for the success of your sales. In one of our recent blogs, we spoke about DOUBLE the viewers on your YouTube channel with Orion advice!

We got many emails requesting more updates about Youtube. 

The fact is that you can attract a lot of followers and subscribers, but you have to stay extremely innovative to keep the audience delighted. This is how you can keep them engaged with your brand.

The blog today will be an extension of DOUBLE the viewers on your YouTube channel with Orion advice! We will talk about what are the trends which will be seen on Youtube in 2021

Read this and stay prepared for it in the future!

YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in users each month, making it the third most visited website, trailing behind only Google and Facebook.

Subscriber/ Follower Oriented Content

Up until the last few years, the competition in the digital world was not so high. Especially India in particular has not seen a high trend of high-quality content creators. This was the reason why YouTube creators were in authority and took full control of content creation. 

Now, each day 1000s of brands and creators are coming up. This is why, instead of choosing the topics, creators are now engaging viewers in a two-way dialogue before content creation through live videos, polls, and comments. They are initiating interactions to create what the audience would genuinely love. More engaged the audience is – more they will buy what the video is endorsing. 

Over the last year, the followers-decide video trend garnered more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Immersive Shopping Videos

You might have read this again and again in our blogs, but we are saying it one more time to tell you about the importance of Youtube – It is the second largest search engine behind Google. Audiences are making buying decisions based on videos, making Youtube a valuable source of information for shoppers.

From “Hauls,” “Shop With Me,” “Gift guides,” and product review videos, this easily accessible platform makes it smooth and possible to create videos for shoppers giving them real-time experience.

For instance, you can give a “Shop with Me” video for your product, including a guided tour at your store. This way, the viewer would exactly know the appearance, use, price and ever material information about the product.

Research has revealed that 80% of online shoppers watched a YouTube video of the product they were planning to buy. Besides, over the last two years, the watch time of “shop with me”, and “does it work” videos has grown ten times.

YouTube Live

A story grips our interest! Doesn’t it? In the same way – Audiences like to watch videos that tell a story. Thanks to a live stream- the viewer can be a part of the tale! Live streams create a first-person interaction that allows the viewer to relate and connect with your story in real-time. The chance of directly interacting with the content creator inspires the viewer to stick around longer.

Consumers spend nine times longer watching live video than video on demand.

YouTube Live makes video content seem more genuine and trustworthy. You can talk one-on-one through live streaming to exactly know what your customers want from you. You give them value, and they will like the product or service you are introducing.

360-Degree Videos

When the potential buyer is allowed to go in-depth with details about a product or service, making the purchase decision becomes more comfortable and more reliable. One of the best ways to rigorously examine the offering of any brand is through 360-degree videos. 

With 360-degree videos, consumers can move the video content around and exactly get all the information they are looking for regarding intricate and minute details from the most convenient perspective.

They will take our brand to places as they spike authentic engagement via immersive content. 

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